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Welcome to Comet Class!


Welcome Back!


The adults that work in Comet Class are Miss Ward and Miss Salter. 


ook: The children will visit a local milking parlour to immerse themselves in milk production. 


Take Home Task: 

Choose from one, or even more of the following:

Otherwise, choose something of your own – get creative!

  • Plan and design the survey to use to collect information about what makes people buy a particular ice-cream. Conduct the survey, gathering a range of people’s viewpoints and present it in the form of a chart, e.g. bar graph/pie chart
  • Try some delicious ice-cream at home and write a review, what did you like about it – what could be improved?
  • Could you find a recipe and write instructions for how to make great ice-cream?
  • Are there any stories which include an ice-cream? Could you write your own?
  • Annotated photographs of design packaging, explaining what makes them powerful?
  • A presentation or poster about famous ice-cream makers, such as ‘Ben and Jerry’?

Hand in date: Tuesday 19th December 2017


Weeks 1 & 2:

To start their experience, the children will visit a local milking parlour, which will help explain how the milk on their breakfast tables arrives there. They will learn how dairy herds are looked after and the processes that are involved in the collection, storage, transportation and distribution of milk. The children will then plan, write and plan their own explanation text to show the journey of milk from cow to table which will be informed by this learning. During maths, the children will use their multiplication skills to develop greater efficiency when dividing, using a written method. In science, we will revise how to classify materials as solids, liquids and gases.


Week 3:

This week the children will learn what is involved in the successful marketing of a product and will also spend time analysing food packaging to identify successful features which they will use to generate ideas for their own ice-cream packaging. They will then be able to use this learning to inform the marketing and sales pitch for their own ice-cream. The children will be able to use all of the grammar skills they have developed to complete their explanation text of milk production. By using their multiplication and division expertise, the children will compare a range of fractions, using numerators and denominators effectively to add and subtract fractions.


Week 4 & 5:

It will now be time for the children to be ’The Apprentice’ as they will need to begin work on the advertising needed for their new flavour of ice-cream; the focus for their literacy will be persuasive writing. In their teams, they will use this knowledge to inform their product planning. Following this, they will produce an advert to be placed in a magazine. We will continue to develop greater understanding of fractions, through improper and mixed number fractions, as well as building greater efficiency when multiplying and dividing. In science, they will begin to look at reversible and irreversible changes to materials which will involve them planning, carrying out and recording a practical experiment. The children will use their team’s winning design to make their own ice-cream packaging.


Week 6 & 7:

In these final weeks, the children will work in their teams and pull together the work that they have done so far to produce and perform a complete sales pitch. This will involve creating and filming a short advert designed to market their product on television, using green screen technology. Two ‘finalist groups’ will be selected from each class and the children will present their pitch to a group of judges or ‘buyers’, who will then have the tricky task of selecting the winning product. Having completed the making, packaging and advertising of their ice cream, the children will then evaluate the success of each aspect of their product. During maths, the children will develop their written and mental ability to subtract, via a range of problem solving and reasoning.

Miss Ward



Open morning for new reception children starting Sept 2018 is Saturday 18th November 10am -12pm