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Welcome to Comet Class!


Welcome Back!


The adults that work in Comet Class are Miss Ward and Miss Salter. 



Children will enjoy stepping back in time to the Stone Age and exploring what life was like. They will explore cave paintings and the stories they tell before creating their own. Using images of artefacts found at Skara Brae, they will make their own Stone Age jewellery.

Tuesday 20th of February


Week 1

This learning experience will begin with an art hook; initially inspired by a range of narrative stories set in The Stone Age. We will use a combination of clay and natural paints to create paintings and artefacts, which reflect this era of history. During literacy, the children will focus on one particular narrative, Stone Age Boy. This text will make up the basis of our literacy, for the term. The children will create summaries of the text, as well as performing a dramatic piece inspired by the events on the story. In History, the children will be putting events of the past into chronological order using timelines before going on to learn about Stone Age weapons and tools. In maths, the children will develop their ability to use multiplication in a range of contexts, and explain their calculations.



Week 2 and 3:

As the term progresses, having developed their knowledge of what life was like during the Stone Age (Pathaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic), the children will develop their scientific vocabulary which will enable them to describe and classify time periods and types of tools, used in a range of time periods. During this fortnight of writing, we will develop ideas and plan our own narrative, using Stone Age Boy to engage the children. During maths, the children will use division to further unpick their multiplication knowledge. This will develop to include fractions and the relationship between fractions and decimals. In History, the children will be finding out about Hunters and Gathers and how they survived; they will go on to create a comic strip showing this, using the Stone Age Boy as their character. They will also be learning how Stone Age peoples’ settlements developed over time in the Neolithic and the Mesolithic periods.


Weeks 4 and 5:

Following our planning stage, the children will create character profiles and describe settings in detail. These descriptions will form the basis of the children’s’ own stories. After continuing to deepen their understanding of Stone Age life, the children will use clay to create a version of Stonehenge in groups. They will also learn about the next period in history – The Bronze Age and will be looking at artefacts to find out more about the people of that time. For the final fortnight of maths, the children will use their understanding of fractions and decimals, to make connections to percentages. We will also find angles within shapes and develop area and perimeter understating through practical examples.


Take Home Task:

You might like to complete one or hopefully more of the following:

  • Re-create a style of cave painting
  • Make your own Stonehenge
  • Review the film ‘Early Man.’
  • Write a story set in the Stone or Bronze Age
  • Design a costume for a Bronze Age person
  • Design and/or make an artefact
  • Create a timeline for the period
  • Write a newspaper article, based in the period
  • Research a particular time period and present
  • Or make up your own…?

Hand in date: Tuesday 20th March 2018


Miss Ward



Hook Photos

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Watch out for Hooks taking place over the next week.