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 Welcome to Mars Class

That's the way to do it!

Week 1 – This first week back is Zambia week. During Zambia week, the children will take on the role of ‘young entrepreneurs’ and create exciting products, that will be sold at the school on Friday 16th June. In English lessons, the children will be researching and writing about Zambian culture and traditional dress. Their findings will support the designing and making of their Zambian wares, for sale the following week.

Week 2- Within geography lessons the children will use their knowledge of a landlocked country to make a comparison to their own island nation. They will plot popular tourist resorts and begin to understand different coastal features. In literacy lessons the children will be introduced to the play of Punch and Judy.

Week 3- A trip to Weymouth beach will allow the children first- hand experience of a popular resort within their own region. They will be able to survey the facilities and amenities and plot them as a bird’s eye view when they return to school. Immersing themselves in the language of Punch and Judy the children will begin to appreciate how stories and cultures change over time. Using the ‘Talk for Writing’ approach, the children will; act out, story map, story-mountain and re-tell Punch and Judy. History lessons will focus on how the play became popular as Victorian seaside entertainment and why the Victorians were the pioneers of beach holidays and resorts.

Week 4- Continuing their work on Punch and Judy, the children will begin to study the characters in more detail; thinking about appearances and personalities, bad qualities and good qualities.  Learning about the differences between modern British seaside holidays, the amenities of the resorts of the 1950s and those of the Victorian era, the children will begin to appreciate how some attractions and entertainment have remained the same whilst others have gone out of fashion or been replaced by new ideas or inventions.
Week 5- In literacy lessons the children will innovate the play of Punch and Judy by developing a story with their own characters, problems and resolutions. History work will focus on the differences between the beach outfits of the 1800s compared to today and the use of the Victorian bathing machine.

Week 6 and 7-In the final weeks the children will think about the weather and the effects it has on tourism, coastal plants and erosion. Looking at the instruments used by meteorologists to forecast the weather, the children will use their own data gathering equipment to measure the temperature. They will then use iPads to write and record their own weather for their locality.
Studying extreme effects of weather the children will consider the impact the climate has on physical and human coastal features.

Take Home Task - Either plan and label a design for a new beach accessory on paper or make a miniature beach in a shoe box.

Bring to school by Friday 15th July 

You can support your children at home by:
Learning times tables facts – x2, x5, x10 and x3
Review place value of hundreds, tens and units
Use of Mathletics
Read at least five times a week and talk about your child’s book

Please remember to bring your PE and Games kit to school 
every Wednesday and Friday.
Our PE kit needs to be in school for these days. Also we mustn't forget that earrings need to be removed or taped and long hair needs to be tied back.

 We know that reading unlocks everything so we will try to read every day at home. We need to read at least five times each week and have our reading record signed by an adult in order to help us when we complete our accelerated reading quizzes.

If our parents or carers have any concerns they are most welcome to come and speak to either our teacher, Mrs Marshall or our teaching assistant Mrs Hamblin. This can either be done on the playground before school or after school if that is more convenient.


Best Wishes from Mars Class

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Welcome back everyone and a big welcome to all the Reception Children.