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Welcome to our website page. 

The adults that work in this class are Mrs Carswell, Mrs Wines, Miss Bolton, Mrs Hebisz, Mr Oke and Miss Megan 

  This half term our Learning Experience will be Marvellous Minibeasts.

Our hook will take us to Carymoor Environmental Centre where we will learn all about mini beasts. Children will make willow dragonflies, use their imagination to make a clay insect and go on a mini beast hunt in the grounds.
Each week we will focus on different minibeasts learning facts and listening to stories as well. The take home task will be to make their own fact file and share with the class.

Week 1 – Week beginning 5th June 2017
This will be our second “Zambia week” of the year.
In Mathematics we will be focusing on counting, ensuring all children
can count on and back from any number to 20. Children also rehearse
counting to 100 and begin to cement in the patterns of numbers in the count and the special ?tens' numbers.
Week 2 – Week beginning 12th June 2017

On Thursday 15th June the children will be going to Carymoor Environmental Centre for their hook.
Focus on mini beast facts.
This week the children will begin their learning about Marvellous Minibeasts! A large focus in this Learning Experience is art and every week the children will undertake a different craft, which will be supported by their visit to Carymoor by making a clay minibeast and a willow butterfly. Prior to the visit, the children will begin learning about minibeast types as they hunt for them around the school and will use their knowledge to plan making one of these from clay. Thinking about minibeast habitats will form a large part of this Learning Experience and will lead us to growing plants to create new minibeast habitats outside. On return from the visit they will write a recount of their trip. The Mathematics focus will be to find one more and one less than numbers up to 20, linking this to adding and subtracting 1.
Week 3 – Week beginning 19th June 2017
Home-learning tasks (facts about minibeasts) are due in on Monday this week.
Focus on Caterpillars and butterflies.
This week the children will be using their willow butterflies from Carymoor to decorate using tissue paper.  With a focus on butterflies, we will be setting up our own butterfly gardens as we hope to watch the process of caterpillars growing into butterflies. This will link us to the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar as our Literacy focus. Over the next few weeks the children will be encouraged to practice the Sports Day activities including egg and spoon races, aiming beanbags in to hoops, dribbling a ball around cones and sack races. In Mathematics, the children will focus on counting on from a given number.  
Week 4 – Week beginning 26th June 2017
Focus on Snails.
By learning about the artist Matisse, the children will be encouraged to take this influence and use shapes to collage with in the style his famous “snail” artwork. The children will read the stories “The Snail and the Whale” and “Norman, the Slug with the Silly Shell” as a focus for their Literacy. We will also keep a daily update on the butterfly garden and hope to observe the cocoon forming this week. In Mathematics we will be revising and learning about the coins from 1p to £2. We will name, describe and begin to order the coins according to value. The children will continue practising events for Sports Day which is being held next week (weather dependent).
Week 5 – Week beginning: 3rd July 2017
Sports Day - Wednesday 5th July 9:30am
Focus on ladybirds.
 The children will be spending time in the wood area, equipped with magnifying glasses and clipboards, to look for minibeasts in our immediate environment, around the plants and through the minibeast hotel. We will read the ‘The Bad Tempered Ladybird’ and ‘What the ladybird heard’ by Julia Donaldson. The children’s art project for the week will be to create a minibeast garden or pond area, using finger painting. In Mathematics Children will begin to partition five, six or ten objects into two groups in order to find all the pairs of numbers with totals of 5, 6 or 10.
Week 6 – Week beginning: 10th July 2017
Focus on worms.
 In Literacy they will read ‘Superworm’ by Julia Donaldson. We will do hot seating and drama. We will manipulate cooked spaghetti with tweezers. Children will learn to weave paper worms and other crafts associated with worms. The Mathematics focus will be exploring lengths, either direct comparison of long and short, or using non-standard units of measurement.
Week 7 – Week beginning: 17th July 2017
Focus on spiders.
In literacy we will read ‘Spinderella’ also by Julia Donaldson, we will compare all the books by the same author that we have read so far this year. In Mathematics we will be focusing on weight, stating which is heavier or lighter and putting items in order of weight.
Children will talk their expectations for Year One and what they are looking forward to, they will write a letter of introduction to their new teacher.
The last day of the Summer Term will be Friday 21st July 2017. 
The Foundation Stage team would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support this year and wish you all an enjoyable summer break. We look forward to seeing the children as they enter Year 1 in September.

Our PE day is a Friday. We expect all jewellery to be removed or covered over and for long hair to be tied back. PE kit must be in school for this session and as with all other uniform, please make sure that it is labelled.
Home Learning Journals will be sent home weekly on a Friday with a task for your child to complete with your support. They will then need to be returned to school on Wednesday so that new homework can be set. We aim to change reading books at least three times a week. Currently children will be given a book with no text to encourage early prediction and story telling skills and a word list to encourage early reading skills. They will also bring home a shared reading book which they choose themselves. Please record in your reading record book the times you read the school reading books and the word lists. The shared books do not need to be recorded.

Please encourage your child to read with you at home at least 5 times during the week to ensure that they are given opportunities to practise the skills associated with phonics that are taught to them in school. This will also earn them one of  Mr. Wilson's Book Worm certificates!
Thank you for visiting! smiley

Thank you for visiting! smiley
Mrs Carswell

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