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Year 6 Hook Day by Billy (October 2019).


This term I have enjoyed the year six hook day when a man called Dave visited us and he goes into the Rainforest.  


He brought animals such as a tarantula, millipede, stick insect and a scorpion but unfortunately we couldn't hold the scorpion due to it being too dangerous.  Some photos were taken and you can see them on our Year 6 class pages.


On 4th October, we had a practice fire alarm.



Year 6 Day and other information by Katie (October 2019)


This term year 6 had their hook day and a person called Dave visited and told us all about the animals that lived within the Rainforest. 


Year 6 swimming 

On top of all of that Year 6 have also got swimming lessons at the Wincanton Sports Centre.


Year 4 hook day

Year 4 also had their hook and went to Mr Farrell's bakery and made bread rolls.


MUFTI DAY - Friday 6th December 2019 in exchange for a contribution towards the School Christmas Fair - Reception (Cakes), Years 1 & 2 (Sweets), Years 3 & 4 (Bottles) and Years 5 and 6 (Chocolate).