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Welcome to Venus!

All at Sea!

Week 1 Monday 5th June 2017

Zambia Week! Our focus for Zambia week will be sustainability and each year group has been challenged to design and create a sustainable product that will be sold to raise money for our Zambian partner school. We have chosen to design and make our own range of re-usable cotton bags. The children will be creating their own personal design on paper and will then use fabric paints to see their design come to life on our plain cotton bags. They will also be learning how to write a piece of persuasive writing explaining why we should buy their bags along with posters for the big sale event!

Week 2 Monday 12th June 2017

The children will discover something mysterious in the classroom at the beginning of the week that will lead them to Christopher Columbus. They will have a chance to “meet” Christopher Columbus and ask him their own questions. In our Geography lesson this week the children will be introduced to the 7 continents and locate them on a map of the world. After learning about the 7 continents the children will move onto the 5 oceans by locating them on a map and making comparisons about their temperature, the animals that live in them and where they are. This will then lead nicely into our Hook Afternoon on the Wednesday 14th when the children will gather information about Christopher Columbus to create a report map.
Week 3 Monday 19th June 2017

After our mammoth task of fact finding for our hook afternoon and the building of a report map, the children will begin piecing together a non-chronological report about Christopher Columbus. We will use our Talk for Writing model to support their work to ensure the children understand how to organise the report correctly. In Art the children will be given the chance to experiment with different mediums to create a sea scape image over the next two weeks.
Week 4 Monday 26th June 2017
Sports Day this week so please ensure your child has their PE kit in school including trainers. Keep your fingers crossed we have sunshine this week as we are making our own sundials to show how they can measure time and studying how shadows change throughout the day using shadow puppets. The children will begin to explore boat life and gain a true understanding of what sailors would have eaten, slept on and where the bathroom was! The children will imagine themselves as a sailor and write their own letter explaining to a friend about their lifestyle. This week will also see the completion of their seascapes.

Week 5 Monday 3rd July 2017

Remember the letters from last week? Well, we are very excited for this week as the children will be ageing their handwritten messages using teabags in Art ready to place inside their bottle! They may be put off tea for life! They will also be painting a view from a ship’s deck to place inside a frame which they will be make next week. In English the children will begin the fiction writing element of this learning experience using Jack’s fantastic voyage as inspiration for our own stories. The children will be immersed in the story with the use of story maps, drama and plenty of re-telling in preparation to write their own stories over the next couple of weeks. We will move on to seasonal weather in Science and discuss how day length changes and why along with making our own weather station.

Week 6 Monday 10th July 2017

During Geography the children will study extreme weather conditions and discuss why extreme weather conditions happen (there may even be some thunderstorms brewing in Wincanton which would help our learning!) Our writing moves into the imitation stage of Talk for Writing with the children changing small elements of the story to personalise it for themselves. We will re-write sections and begin to plan their own stories ready to write next week. In Art the children will design and add detail to their own frame for their water colour painting from last week.

Week 7 Monday 17th July 2017

“Welcome to this afternoons weather bulletin…” you may hear this being practised at home as the children prepare to deliver their own weather report as part of our Science and Geography afternoons. We reach the final stage of our creative writing this week with the children inventing their own story based upon Jack’s fantastic voyage! The story will be inspired by our knowledge of Christopher Columbus’s own fantastic voyage. As they are sailing in a boat in their story we know every boat needs a flag and in our Art lesson the children will design and paint their own flag.

Take Home Task - to design and make your own 3D desert island with written explanation for what you have discovered. Please can the model have a base no larger than A4 and no taller than 15cm.

Bring to School by: Friday 14th July 2017  

Our PE slots this term are Thursday morning and Friday afternoon. Our PE Kits needs to be in school for these days. We must make sure that earrings are removed or taped and long hair must be tied back.

Numeracy homework will be weekly either sheets to complete or an online activity.

Children’s books will be changed predominantly on a Monday and Friday but maybe more frequently if children have read at home and successfully completed the Accelerated Reading Quiz (If applicable)

If our parents and carers have any concerns they are most welcome to come and speak to either our teacher or teaching assistant. This can be done on the playground before or after school. Miss Apsey works alongside us in Venus Class.

Miss Fournier

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Welcome back everyone and a big welcome to all the Reception Children.