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Welcome to Asteroid Class!



The adults that work in Asteroid Class are Mr Newbery, Miss Sutton and Mrs Hiscock


Our New Learning Experience is Fit for Life!


Hook: On Thursday 7th June, the children will come to school dressed as a famous sports personality of their choice. During the day, they will take part in a range of sporting activities, make healthy, nutritious smoothies.


Take home task ideas:


  • Illustrations of the human body
  • Detailed presentations related to our science work
  • Artistic impressions of movement
  • Diaries of healthy eating
  • Menu possibilities to stay healthy
  • Write ups of sporting events or newspaper reviews of sporting heroism
  • Your own choice!

Remember, you can do more than one!

Hand in date: Friday 7th July 



Weeks 1 and 2: During this week, the children will enjoy their hook day where they will come to school dressed as a Sports personality and take part in a carousel of activities. In Literacy, the focus will be on reading and analysing a narrative, based on medical science. This will challenge the children and prove an example, from which they will begin to build on their action and characterisation – within narrative. They will explore the circulatory system in science and consider its importance in the human body. During numeracy, the year 5 children will be developing greater independence measuring and converting between a range of distances, weights and capacities. This will include a significant amount of multiplication and division.


Week 3: The focus of science this week will be what constitutes a healthy balanced diet and how the nutrients in various food groups are important for different purposes. In Literacy, the children will continue to develop an action packed narrative, based on our class text. They will use their observation skills to develop their artistic talents, by recording the human form and practicing drawing figures in action using stick figures and ovals.


Week 4 and 5: Staying safe and being healthy is the focus in science for these two weeks and the children will learn about the dangers of drug, tobacco and alcohol misuse. Within literacy, the year 5 children will turn their attention to using the scientific knowledge they have gained to plan, create and publish a leaflet with the purposes of explaining how to live a healthy life and persuading their readers to do so. Following on from the previous week, the children will now turn their figures in art into a picture of a sequence of actions using different mediums. During maths, we as a year group will review and develop our understanding of the links between fractions and decimals, which will include multiplying, ordering, adding and subtracting fractions and decimals.


Week 6 and 7: As part of maths, the pupils will develop greater efficiency when using shape in a context, for example to calculate area, perimeter and volume. As ever, this will include developing multiplication and division skills. Our final weeks of writing will be based upon newspaper reports of sporting triumphs and failures – the children plan and write their own, based on examples – which they will use their Computing skills, to present to an audience.


How you can support your child at home:

  • Take the opportunity to explore/discuss different sports personalities and their lives
  • Discuss foods you are using in meals and what food group they belong to/ the nutrition they provide
  • Learn tables facts up to 12 x 12 and ensure recall is quick and accurate
  • Encourage your child to read daily and discuss their reading with them. Please could you ensure they record this in their reading record.
  • Continue to practice spellings from the Year 5 Spelling list






Mr Newbery 




Year 5 and 6 Spellings

Don't forget to use the 'HIT THE BUTTON' website. Here you can:


  • rehearse multiplication tables
  • division facts
  • doubles
  • halves
  • square numbers
  • factors and prime numbers



Reception class will have their sports day on Friday 13th at 9.30. Please sign in at the gate to the grass patch.