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Welcome to Moon Class!


Welcome Back! 


The adults that work in this class are Miss Wilson, Mrs Keane and Mr Oke


Our new Learning Experience is called Operation:Outlaw!



To immerse the children into the life and times of Robin Hood, we will be teaching them to become archers, to build dens to hide themselves from the Sheriff’s men, and designing and making their very own Robin Hood style hat on Wednesday 18th April. 


Take home task:

The children will need to create a 3D model of a scene from our legend writing of Robin Hood. The main scenes are the forest, castle, and Robin’s camp.

The due date is 19th May 2018.


The performance of ‘Robin Hood and the Sherwood Hoodies! ’, our school play, will be the culmination of our hard work and own legend stories. The play will take place on Tuesday 22nd May and Wednesday 23rd May


Week 1

Following a successful Zambia week looking at recycling, we will be beginning our new topic by looking at what makes a legend. We will be immersing ourselves into the story of Robin Hood, learning and acting out key scenes, as well as starting to use similes and adjectives to describe the settings. In addition to practicing the songs for the performance, the individual scenes that from the play will be rehearsed.


Week 2

Focusing on developing our vocabulary around character description, we will be looking at understanding and using feelings in the story to create representations of the key characters, which will aid our innovation of the Robin Hood legend. Through continued rehearsals, we will begin to improve the flow of the performance.


Week 3

In order to further improve our writing, we will concentrate on correctly using speech in the narrative. Exploring the lead character of Robin Hood, we will be gathering facts about him and then this will lead us onto looking at the action scenes where he steals from the rich to pay back to the poor. In addition to this, we will also begin to combine scenes to from the play, as a whole performance.


Week 4

This week will focus on innovating our Robin Hood legend, planning areas where we can use the higher-level vocabulary, features and writing techniques that we have been working on, seeing a new version of the story develop. Within art, we will be designing and painting a watercolour scene from the forest, which will develop mood and brush techniques. This week will see the Year 3 choir integrate with our actors to add a choral element to the performance.


Week 5

By this point, the production will be coming together and we be growing in confidence, ready for the upcoming performance! In addition, we will be starting to write our new legends, working through each section of the story as it naturally flows.


Week 6

Rehearsals will take place in the Community Church for the first time this week! Publishing our Robin Hood legends will start this week and writing a final, independent piece from the viewpoint of another character, will help us demonstrate all the features that we have learned.


Mr Stradling


Miss Torode and Mrs Richards



Thank you for coming to support our School Extension Open Day