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Welcome to Moon Class!


Welcome Back! 


The adults that work in this class are Miss Ward and Mrs Oliver-Taylor 


The Learning Experience this term is called Bake Off!


Hook: Tuesday 2nd October


The children will be immersed into the world of bread and the artistry that it entails! A local baker is visiting the school to show us his craft and turn us all into bakers for the morning. In the afternoon, we will be using our artistic skills to create 3d models/drawings of artesian bread.


Take home task:


Children will be given a basic recipe for salt dough and are asked to create a salt dough object to bring into school.

(See school website for ideas and recipe)

Due date: Monday 15th October



In small groups the children will design and make special loaves, which will be cooked in school, before being judged by a group of brave parents! (Please come forward if you would like to help out later in the term.)


Welcome to Year 4! This first learning experience will be science based on states of matter (solids, liquids and gases), and how they might change when mixed with other substances, temperature variables and the process of dissolving. The children will then be able to identify factors affecting these processes using appropriate scientific language. As the learning experience is called ‘Bake Off!’ we will also be looking at the effects of yeast in the scientific and food technology fields.


To promote one of our values, the children in DT will work in small teams to consider different ingredients as they begin to design their own style of specialty loaves, which they will make during the final week. As the children will have made bread rolls on their hook day, they can use their newfound knowledge to help create their own special loaf, which will be judged in our very own Bake Off! The children will also create an advert to persuade others to try this new loaf, which will have to be inviting and informative.


For the first few weeks of maths, the children will focus on building up their knowledge of place value as they extend into 4 digit numbers, learning roman numerals and the rules of rounding. They will then move onto solving addition and subtraction calculations using formal written methods and applying their understanding to word and real life content problem to deepen and embed their learning.

English will involve the children studying the novella text Cloud Tea Monkeys by Mal Peet and Elspeth Graham. The children will be immersed into the world of tea, where it comes from and how it is tasted. We will be working on picking apart the text to retrieve information for a non-chronological report on tea, using a range of media and books to supplement the novella. Grammar will be woven throughout including imperative verbs, prepositions and fronted adverbials. As the term progresses the children will look at extending one of the scenes in the book to develop scene, character and plot descriptions, whilst implementing speech, to create a piece of independent fiction writing.


How you can support your child at home:

  • Talk about food – where it comes from and why it is important to eat healthily.
  • Daily reading.
  • Practice spellings each week.
  • Learn times tables facts up to x12 so the children can recall them without hesitation!
  • Talk about what they have learnt in school.






Miss Ward 





Open morning for new intake September 2019 13th October 10am - 12 noon. Come and see our School.