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Welcome to Moon Class!



The adults that work in this class are Miss Ward and Mrs Oliver-Taylor 


The Learning Experience this term is called To the Mayans and back!



Our hook will immerse the children into Mexican/Mayan culture; we will be designing masks to wear to complete a tribal dance for another year group to watch. They will also explore foods from this area of the World.


Take home task:

Research what Mayan headdresses or fans looked like. Then design or make one to help decorate our classroom.


Bring to school by:     Thursday 7th February

(Or earlier as we would like to decorate the class with them as soon as possible!)



In the final week, we will be opening the ‘Wincanton Travel Agency’ to parents; an interactive agency where the Year 4 tour guides will be able to tell you about excursions to the Mayan Era, come and book your trip back in time!



Computing will be embedded throughout this experience as the children independently use technology to investigate an aspect of Maya life that interests them; they can then create a presentation to reflect this.



To begin within in mathematics, the children will be looking at factor pairs, and the 11 and 12 times tables. Continuing from last term, using this knowledge, they will complete written calculations using the short method for both multiplication and division. Moving on from this, we will be starting on area, which is a new skill for Year 4 maths, and then we will begin exploring equivalent fractions.


History and Geography:

History and Geography are key this term as the children learn where the Mayans used to live and immerse themselves into their fascinating daily life. Our hook day will allow the children to really get a feel for Mexico, with experimenting flavours from this area and making a traditional Mayan mask to scare the other tribes away! Throughout the term, the children will learn about Mayan farming, food, religion, number system and temples. This will be in preparation for the great build of 2019!


DT and Art:

DT and Art is a big focus for this learning experience and we will be rolling our sleeves up to build a fantastic, detailed, architectural masterpiece of mathematical proportions! Yes, a Mayan Temple! The children will be completing this out of cardboard, glue and sand!

In art, the children will be designing paintings based around the myth that we will be writing in English, these paintings will have a significance to our class name.



Within English, we start the term by linking our writing with our historical knowledge. The children will concentrate on grammatical terminology that will help them to create an informative travel guide, which will persuade the reader to go back in time to experience the Mayan era. In the second half of the term, our focus switches to fictional writing on a Mayan myth called ‘The Hero Twins’. During this unit of English work, the children will have the opportunity to expand and edit the story lines that need more detail and write an alternative chilling finale!


How you can support your child at home:

  • Research the life of the Maya with your child to find out interesting facts about them to share at school.
  • Try to read every day with your child.
  • Learn weekly spellings
  • Learn times tables facts up to x12 so the children can recall them without hesitation! (Times table rockstars is fantastic for this!)



World Book Day Thursday 7th March 2019.