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Welcome to Moon Class!


Welcome Back! 


The new learning experience is Body Matters!


The children will visit ‘we the curious’ in Bristol where they will have several hands-on experiences around the human body, exploring the different functions.


Take home task:

To make a model of the human skeleton or a system in the human body using any materials of your choice.


Bring to school by: Friday 6th July



Learning Experience

During this topic about the human body, we will be conducting science experiments to find out the effect that different liquids have on teeth in addition to exploring the functions of the different types of teeth.

We are going to be researching the bones that make up the human skeleton with the children building a model arm, demonstrating how muscles work so that they begin to understand the process of contracting and relaxing as a means of moving the arm.

Building on our work during our hook trip, the children will begin this experience by learning the names of the different organs involved in the digestion system and their functions whilst creating a working model of this!

The final scientific focus of our learning experience will be sound: how the ear is designed to receive sound, as well as how sounds are made and travel through a medium to the ear.



Carefully considering which English skills the children need to develop most, English will not follow the main theme of ‘Body Matters’ during this learning experience.

The two themes that we will be visiting instead are ‘Turning the Key’; a narrative focus on exploring gateways into another world, using example texts from ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett and ‘Coraline’ by Neil Gaiman. The main objectives during this work will be on how to plan, write and use paragraphs effectively in a descriptive text.

Our last English focus of the year will be ‘His waistcoat and trousers were made of pork chops’; a hilarious look at nonsense poetry, creating their own nonsensical character walking through the streets of Wincanton.


In mathematical work, we will be improving our skills in using different measurements of time, analysing statistics from line graphs and looking at the properties of shapes and angles.



How you can support your child at home:

  • Talk about the organs of the body, the skeleton and teeth; look at books and the internet.
  • Read poems together and look at the different forms of poetry.
  • Regular reading – we recommend time is dedicated every day.
  • Learning of all times tables facts up to 12 x 12.
  • Learning spelling words from the Read, Write, Inc log book - for those with them.




Mr Stradling


Miss Torode and Mrs Richards



Have a great summer holidays and we look forward to seeing you all back on Tuesday 4th September