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Welcome to Sun Class!


Welcome Back! 


The adults that work in this class are Mr Davies, Mrs Keane and Mr Oke


Our new learning experience is called  Mysterious Maya


Hook - Our hook will be a challenging day! To begin creating their own model temples, the children will need to measure and cut cardboard to size and then stick them together to make the base pyramid ready to paper maché!


Take home task:

Research what Mayan headdresses or masks looked like. Then design or make one to help decorate our classroom.

Bring to school by: Thursday 1st February

(Or earlier as we would like to decorate the class with them as soon as possible!)


Week 1

Through their work in English, the children will learn about a Mayan myth called the Hero Twins. During this unit of English work, the children will have the opportunity to write their own version drawing on writing skills from last term’s narrative writing. History and Geography are key this week as the children learn where the Mysterious Maya used to live and will find out about their fascinating daily life. Mathematical work over the next few weeks will revisit fractions; recognising fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and finding equivalent fractions.


Week 2

To ‘hook’ the children into this experience, they will spend a day building their own Mayan temples using cardboard which will then be decorated. In English sessions, the children will begin imitating the Hero Twins myth on their story map and start to plan their own myth ready for next week. During DT, the children’s terrific temples will be finished off at the same time as learning about how the Maya used the temples.


Week 3

This week, the children will make a fan fit for a king during their DT and Art lessons! This will build upon their History knowledge of how the Maya used their natural resources found within the rainforest environment. During English, the children will be looking at nouns and pronouns and then they will be ready to innovate their own myth ready to be planned the following week.


Week 4

With a History focus, the children will then begin learning about the intriguing Mayan calendar system. In further Art based sessions this week, children will begin to imitate the Mayan symbols or ‘codex’ which were their ways of written communication. Work in English this week will focus on writing our own Mayan myth from the introduction and into the build-up.


Week 5

The children will begin to learn how to create atmosphere and tension in their writing as they complete their myth. During some DT based sessions, the children will learn about what the Maya used to eat, comparing and contrast it with what we eat today. For their activity, the children will be cooking their own tortillas! Depending on how much we have mastered fractions, the focus in maths may change this week, with a new topic on decimal numbers. We will begin by writing and comparing numbers with up to 2 decimal places.


Mr Davies 




Curriculum Newsletters

Watch out for Hooks taking place over the next few weeks!