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Welcome to Sun Class!




The adults that work in this class are Mrs Hinton, Mrs Whittaker and Miss Megan. 


The Learning Experience this term is called Is Bigger Better?



The children will undertake fieldwork visits to both Bath and Wincanton during the first week of the term.


Take home task:

Create a model or write a leaflet/PowerPoint to persuade the council to fund something you feel Wincanton needs or is currently missing.

Hand in by Monday 1st April 2019



The children will a hold a debate during the last week of the term, using the knowledge they have gained about cities and towns.


To begin this experience, the children will share ideas and opinions about the amenities available in a city and a town, looking at the similarities and differences of both. We will visit Bath as part of our geographical fieldwork and carry out a comparison of Wincanton, focussing on the human and physical features in both locations. Using the fieldwork, the children will begin to plan a report on the similarities and differences between the two localities. Building on the sentence structure work they worked on in our last experience, the children will write in a formal, non-fiction style as their opinions evolve and they learn how to debate a point in both verbal and written form, when they present their findings to the Mayor at the Town Hall.

Towards the end of the term, our focus will be on ‘His waistcoat and trousers were made of pork chops’; a hilarious look at nonsense poetry, creating their own nonsensical character walking through the streets of Wincanton.


In maths, the children will continue to build upon their previous knowledge of fractions gained last term and begin to add and subtract 2 or more fractions with the same denominator before calculating fractions of an amount and quantity.

The second half of the term will focus on decimals by extending the children’s knowledge of place value by recognising tenths and hundredths before using this to divide 1-digit and 2-digit numbers by 10 and 100.


Geography and map skills are key this term and during the first week, the children will explore both the City of Bath and the market town of Wincanton. In addition to reading and creating their own maps; identifying geographical symbols  and using  compass points, the children will locate the countries and capitals of the United Kingdom and  learn about the different counties.


In art, the children will be carrying out an artist study on L.S. Lowry. They will fully immerse themselves into Lowry's work and re-create pieces such as 'On the Sands' through photography thinking about perspective. Towards the end of the term, the children will focus on the use of colour and different mediums of art to create their own piece of artwork on either the City of Bath or Wincanton in the style of Lowry and his matchstalk men.


How you can support your child at home:

  • Read 5 times a week at least with your child.
  • Learn weekly spellings
  • Learn times tables facts up to 12x12. Times Tables Rockstar is a great resource to use
  • Looking at the world around them – talking about different localities as you travel around. Using maps and images of places that are different.