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Welcome to Sun Class!


Welcome Back! We hope you had a good summer. 


The adults that work in this class are Mr Davies, Mrs Keane and Mr Oke


Our new learning experience is called Lets Sew


Week 1

To ‘hook’ the children into this experience, they will spend a day exploring the world of 2D stop motion animation! They will make a group film based on the story of ‘This is the Bear and the Scary Night’, which will be the story they will retell and act out as an introduction to play scripts in English this half term. Maths will begin by consolidating and extending knowledge of place value with four digit numbers, this will be taught over the next three weeks.


Week 2

In this week, the children will begin to develop their knowledge of play scripts based around the same shared story. Science also takes a key role this week as the children explore light and dark using mirrors and torches.


Week 3

Investigating how light is reflected from different surfaces will be the science focus for this week and link in with the day and night theme of the English text. In addition to extending their knowledge of play scripts, at the end of this week, there will be the first of two sewing days where the children will begin to make their own puppets based, once again, on the story.


Week 4

Their knowledge of light will be expanded upon by investigating shadows and how to change the size of them. They will begin to write a play script and discover the specific features of this genre of writing. By now, our puppet designs will be beginning to take shape and we can think about the skills we need to join them in our second sewing day. The topic in Mathematics changes this week as we extend our knowledge of addition and subtraction to four digit numbers.

Week 5

The scientific language of light and what has been learnt about it will be the focus studied this week, which the children will evaluate and where possible incorporate into their final animation films. We will be developing their play scripts and beginning to think about how the puppets will be used for them. By now, they will be improving their sewing skills so the puppets will be taking shape with some of the finer details to define them.


Week 6

The children will start to realise how their play scripts may need improving as they bring them to life with their puppets. An evaluation of their DT skills will take place so that they recognise the importance of design criteria in the creation of a product. In Mathematics, we will be solving problems using our addition and subtraction knowledge.


Week 7

In this final week, the children will be off to camp from the Wednesday until the Friday. Prior to this, they will rehearse the use of their play scripts and try their hands at 3D animation! We are aiming to invite you to our Oscar ceremony at the start of the week.


Take Home Task

To make finger puppets based on a familiar story of your choice and a shoe box theatre with which to act it out. Please bring to school by Friday 6th October.


Mr Davies 



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Curriculum Newsletters

Open morning for new reception children starting Sept 2018 is Saturday 18th November 10am -12pm