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Welcome to Sun Class!


Welcome Back! 


The adults that work in this class are Mrs Hinton, Mrs Whittaker and Miss Megan. 


The Learning Experience this term is called Sew Scared!


Hook: Wednesday 5th December 


Our hook day will focus on the creation of our puppets for our play. We will learn different sewing techniques and use a variety of different materials to create detail and allow for the personality of the puppet to shine through.


Take home task:

To make finger puppets based on a familiar story of their choice and a shoe box theatre with which to act it out.

Due in 14th December




On Thursday the 20th of December at 3pm, you will be invited into school to view the world premiere of your child’s animation!


Welcome back Year 4, to our learning experience; ‘SEW SCARED’! For the first three weeks of this experience, we will be working on the theme of light in our science lessons. We will be completing investigations and learning new technical vocabulary, whilst looking at the effects of light on our eyes, using mirrors to make reflections and shadows, how beams of light travel in straight lines and starting to understanding transparency of materials to name a few.


To show their creativity, in design and technology, the children will design their own puppet based on one of our class texts of ‘This is the Bear and the Scary Night’. On our hook day, they will learn new skills as they begin to sew their puppet together using a range of different materials. Once completed, the children will evaluate their design and think about possible improvements moving forward.



Term 2 started with conversion of metres into kilometres and moved swiftly on to perimeter of rectangular and reticular shapes, not just calculating the measurement but also finding the missing sides. Predominately the rest of the term will be focusing on expanding the children’s multiplication and division fact knowledge working with the 6,7 and 9 times table.


For the first half of this term, our focus text will be 'The Firework Makers Daughter' by Philip Pullman. The children will explore the characters and how they develop and change as the story progresses. They will continue to build upon the grammar knowledge learnt last term as they create their own spectacular firework show and write a variety of different poems such as acrostic and haikus.

They will then move onto our second text ‘This is the Bear and the Scary Night’ and use this to develop an understanding of play scripts before creating their own which the children will perform at the end of the term.


How you can support your child at home:

  • Talk about and research light – Why is it light? Why is it dark? What are sources of light? How does light travel?
  • Read every day with your child.
  • Learn spellings and write them into sentences to secure their understanding
  • Learn all times tables facts up to x12 so the children can recall them without hesitation!

Take home tasks and class modelings!

Take home tasks and class modelings! 1
Take home tasks and class modelings! 2
Take home tasks and class modelings! 3
Take home tasks and class modelings! 4
Take home tasks and class modelings! 5
Take home tasks and class modelings! 6
Take home tasks and class modelings! 7
Take home tasks and class modelings! 8
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