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Welcome to Neptune Class!


Welcome back.


The teacher in Neptune class is Mrs Goodinge and Mrs Parsons is the helper. 


Our Learning Experience this term is called INTO THE WOODS


Hook: Our ‘Into the woods’ day will be an outing to Brokers Wood Country Park. During the day the children will have the opportunity to build shelters, explore the animal trail, go pond dipping as well as lighting fires and marsh mellow toasting.

Trip: Monday 30th April.


Take home task:

Design a British wildlife garden that would attract a wide range of wildlife


Produce a fact file on the footprints and trails of British wild animals.

Bring to school by: Friday 11th May.


Week 1

Year 2 will be looking at pollution in both Zambia and the UK. They will consider the increasing use of plastic and how this has become harmful to the environment. The children will be encouraged to think of ways in which we can all reduce, reuse and recycle.

Art work will be inspired by Ben Mibengi, one of Livingstone’s top environmentalists, where the children will use careful and intricate drawings to symbolise the beauty of the world around us. Grammar lessons will focus on using an apostrophe to show possession and suffixes.


Weeks 2 and 3

The experience “Into the Woods” will begin with an introduction to the struggles of Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl. They will discover the difficulties faced by the fox family and their neighbours as the farmers try to evict them from their home. Focussing on characterisation and descriptive language the children will link their grammar work on expanded noun phrases with the character studies of Boggis, Bunce and Bean. Within science lessons the children will begin looking at living and non-living things and begin to discover the basic needs of animals and what, like Mr Fox, they need to survive.

During this week the children will begin their science work by looking at lifecycles and studying different animals and their offspring. The children will consider an alternative resolution to how they believe Mr Fox will escape from the farmers.


Week 4

In the fourth week the children will become scientific explorers, investigating and unearthing habitats around the school site. They will discuss, in groups, their discoveries and establish for themselves what makes each habitat suitable for the animal or insect they have found living there.

During grammar lessons the children will expand their understanding of subordinating conjunctions and compound sentences, and how to use them effectively to add extra information to their writing.


Week 5

Following on from the previous week’s learning the children will continue their investigation into animal homes and micro-habitats. They will spend some time researching the needs of different British wild animals and decide for themselves the requirements of a particular habitat. Continuing their work in grammar lessons, the children will focus on choosing and using the correct tenses when writing sentences.


Week 6

In this week the children will carry out a woodlice investigation; recording the numbers of woodlice found in a particular location and whether or not the woodlice stay in the same location if it is disturbed. Following on from the reading of Fantastic Mr Fox the children will plan and write a diary extract as Farmer Bean.


Week 7

The last week of the learning experience the literacy lessons will focus on reading, performing and writing mini beast poems. They will also design a new home for their chosen insect or small animal and justify why it will meet the needs of their creature.


Maths: This half term, we will be learning to tell the time. Children will be revisiting o’clock, half-past times, as well as learning quarter to/ past and times to the nearest 5 minute interval ie: 9;20, on both digital and analogue clocks. In the final few weeks, we will be exploring different units of measure. The children will estimate and measure capacity, volume and temperature.



How you can support your child at home:

  • Learn times tables facts for x2, x5 and
  • x3 multiplication facts
  • Read at home daily, recording in reading record.
  • Complete weekly Maths homework sheets.











Zambian Art work inspired by Ben Mipengi Local conservationist in Livingstone

Zambian Art work inspired by Ben Mipengi Local conservationist in Livingstone 1
Zambian Art work inspired by Ben Mipengi Local conservationist in Livingstone 2
Zambian Art work inspired by Ben Mipengi Local conservationist in Livingstone 3
Zambian Art work inspired by Ben Mipengi Local conservationist in Livingstone 4
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
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