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Welcome to Neptune Class!


Welcome back.


We hope you had a lovely summer and we look forward to getting settled into year 2!

The teacher in Neptune class is Miss Sheppard and Mrs Parsons is the helper. 


Our Learning Experience this term is called On Display

Week 1

This week we will be welcoming the children back and talking to them about what makes a good learner; exploring themes related to the school’s values of Creativity, Challenge, Independence and Teamwork. We will learn about what a time capsule is and consider what should be placed inside, in preparation for filling Wincanton School’s time capsule to celebrate our new school building. We will also be introducing the stories of James Mayhew. On Friday 8th September the children will enjoy their Art Attack hook day – a day full of creative art activities. They will be introduced to the famous Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh; using mixed media and a variety of techniques to recreate his most famous pieces. In Maths, we will be looking at the place value of numbers and learning to partition numbers into tens and ones. Our computing lesson will focus on e- safety.


Week 2

The focus of grammar lessons for this week will be sentence construction and the use of capital letters, full stops and question marks. Towards the end of the week the children will begin immersing themselves in the world of art through the James Mayhew ‘Katie Collection’ of books. They will discover Katie’s favourite holiday activity; venturing with her into the art gallery and entering some of the most famous paintings in the world. In Maths, we will continue exploring place value and the partitioning and ordering of numbers using tens and ones.


Week 3

Having familiarised themselves with Van Gogh’s sunflower work and the story of Katie and the Sunflowers, the children will use their knowledge to begin to re-tell the story by acting it out and story mapping . In their history and art lessons they will begin to research and learn about the life and other works of Van Gogh. The children will also have the opportunity to grow their own plants, learning about how seeds germinate and naming and labelling the different parts of a plant. Maths lessons will continue focussing on place value of the number system and learning to read and write number names. This week, within computing, the children will have a further e-safety session.


Week 4

The children will continue their work on Katie and the Sunflowers and begin to learn more about the story’s structure, the problems faced by Katie and how she solved them. Using what they have learnt they will then plot the story and use their own notes and story maps to re- write it independently; demonstrating their grammar knowledge by using adjectives and a range of punctuation. Art and History lessons will continue to focus on the life of Van Gogh and the children will explore the techniques and brush stokes he used to create their own vibrant self-portraits. In Maths, the children will spend a final week on place value and using learned number facts to solve problems.


Week 5 and 6

Over the next two weeks the children will be learning about characterisation and story settings. They will develop their writing skills by using adjectives and interesting openers. The children will continue to work scientifically to discover and describe how plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow and be healthy. In Maths, these weeks will be spent on addition. Children will learn to add 1 and 2 digit numbers together, drawing on their prior knowledge of place value.


Week 7

In the final week of term the children will look at a variety of other texts by James Mayhew. They will compare them and respond to questions about which book they prefer and why; writing an evaluation and book review. During this week the children will be putting the finishing touches to their art gallery, ready to show you what they have learnt about art and the history of art in a celebration of their work. In this final week in Maths, the children will be exploring subtraction, drawing on knowledge of place value to subtract from two digit numbers using tens and ones. Within computing, our focus will continue to explore internet safety and developing children’s understanding for using the internet safely.


Take Home Task

Choose one task you would like to complete;

1) Research the works of either Pablo Picasso or LS Lowry and present the information as a poster with facts.

2) Draw or paint your own still life composition.

3) Use 2D shapes to create a face in the cubist style of art.

Please bring your completed task into School by the week beginning 9th October


Our PE days this term will be a Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure you have a full PE kits in school. 


Miss Sheppard 


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