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Welcome to year 2

Welcome to Mars Class!




The adults that work in this class are Mrs Marshall,  Mrs Hamblin and Mr Oke. 


Your new learning experience is called Monsterosity



Monsters will arrive at Wincanton Primary School leaving a trail of signs and letters. The monsters will then be taken in by Year 2 and looked after until they can be sent to a safe and suitable Monster Island. A carousel of monster activities will take place on Friday 11th January. Your child is welcome to come to school dressed as a monster on this day!


Take home task:

To plan, design and build a monster using recycled materials.


Bring to school by:  Friday 1st February



To create a monster’s survival guide to living on Earth, explaining the importance of exercise, air, water, eating the right amounts of different types of food, and hygiene.



At the start of the half term, we will be continuing to look at multiplication and division. Learning that multiplication is the inverse operation of division and that the opposite operation can be used to solve problems and missing number equations. We will then begin our money topic, where the children will recap the names of the coins and understand their individual value. Once secure, we will begin learning to add coins of different values together, drawing on our knowledge of partitioning and adding tens and ones to reach a total. Eventually, we will move onto making amounts in a variety of ways, as well as learning to give change from an amount. In the final few weeks, we will then move onto exploring both 2D and 3D shapes. Children will learn the names of the shapes and explore their properties, becoming familiar with key vocabulary such as; vertices, edges and faces.



In English the children will look at descriptions of different characters and settings, looking at the use of adjectives and powerful phrases. This will lead into stories and legends about the Loch Ness Monster. As monsters arrive at Wincanton Primary School, the children will begin to plan and write a short story entitled “The Monsters Have Landed” focusing on a clear beginning, middle and end to their story using descriptions, conjunctions, different openers and a range of punctuation.



During our Art sessions, the children will be working towards creating their own monster masterpiece. They will create an image of a monster, thinking about shape then choose bold colours to carefully paint their canvas and create their planned image. Finally, the children will critique their own Art, writing evaluations as to how they feel it went, as well as making suggestions for improvement next time.



In order to help the Monsters return to safety on Monster Island, the children will be designing vehicles that they can use to cross either land or water. We will begin by exploring different types of vehicles and looking at how motors and wheels create movement. Later, the children will develop their own vehicles using their plans and the knowledge they have gained, over the half term, to bring them to life.



Science lessons will start by exploring what animals and humans need to survive in different environments and habitats. The children will learn about different foods and food groups and explore the various ways of achieving a balanced diet as well as the importance of exercise and hygiene to health and well-being. This will lead into life cycles in animals and humans, learning that all species have offspring that grow into adults. Having learnt about how humans and animals survive on earth, the children will create an informative guide explaining how the Wincanton monsters can survive on Earth.


How you can support your child at home:

  • Learn times tables facts - x2, x5, x10 and practise on X-Table Rock Stars
  • Read at least 5 times a week and talk about their books- working towards their 10 reads star for the class star chart
  • Complete weekly Maths homework sheets
  • Practise weekly spellings for a class quiz each Wednesday



Our PE days this term will be a Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure you have a full PE kits in school. 


Mrs Marshall



BOOK FAIR WILL BE IN SCHOOL - Tuesday 12th until Tuesday 19th March 2019