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Welcome to Mars Class!


Welcome back,


The adults that work in this class are Mrs Marshall and Mrs Hamblin.


Our new Learning Experience is called Passport to China. 



Our ‘Passport to China’ day will be on Friday 12th January and will be a day of discovery and celebration of Chinese art, music and design. The children will be asked to come to school in the colour red, which is associated with good fortune and prosperity in the Chinese culture, and use modern day techniques to create traditional patterns and crafts on plates and lanterns.


Week 1

The experience will begin with an introduction to the life and journeys of Marco Polo from Europe to Asia. The children will research facts about his life and present these as a text map. Following on from their own research the children will decide for themselves which is the relevant information, retrieve it, and then include it in their own text map about Marco Polo’s life. During music lessons the children will listen to traditional Chinese Music and recreate the sounds they hear by using a variety of instruments.


Week 2

After drawing their text map and acting it out, using props and actions, the children will use what they have learnt to produce a non-chronological report about Marco Polo. They will also learn different ways to open their sentences and how to identify and use noun phrases. Having listened to Chinese music; the children will be introduced to pentatonic scales and use this knowledge to create a composition piece to move their Chinese dragons to. In Geography, the children will learn about the location of China and the continents and oceans of the world.


Week 3

Having been introduced to the travels of Marco Polo the children will use what they already know to plot his journey on a world map and begin to explore compass directions. During this week the children will look at examples of Fact files, examine the structural and language features and determine their own checklist for a WAGOLL (what a good one looks like); which they will then use as a guide to creating their own. The children will also learn to write in the past tense and use commas when writing lists. During the week Chinese cooking techniques and tasting a selection of Chinese foods will be enjoyed, by having an exciting visit by Redfearns.


Week 4

China’s famous landmarks and physical features will be the focus of the week’s Geography lessons. The children will explore why tourists travel to China and look closely at its magnificent attractions, like; The Great Wall of China and The Forbidden City. By looking at images and photographs the children will develop their descriptive writing skills using adjectives and powerful phrases.


Week 5

The focus for this week’s learning will be on the physical features of China in comparison to the UK. Using interactive maps and photographic resources the children will discover how vast the country is and learn about its regional variations in landscape and geology, climate and wildlife. Continuing their exploration of the country the children will look in more detail at the human geography and cultural differences between Wincanton and China; enjoying some more cooking and music too. In reading the children will continue to develop their comprehension skills, retrieving information and making inferences about a text.


Take Home Task - 

We are asking the children to research about the origins of the Chinese Zodiac or the Chinese New Year and present their findings on a poster.


Bring to school by: Monday 5th February



Our PE days this term will be a Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure you have a full PE kits in school. 


Mrs Marshall



Photo from Hook Day

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Watch out for Hooks taking place over the next few weeks!