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Welcome to Mercury Class


Welcome to Mercury Class and Wincanton Primary School


Your teachers are Mrs Berridge (Monday and Tuesday) Mrs Coleridge (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) Miss Bolton and Mrs Hunt help in our class too. 


Our Learning Experience this term will be Land of the Dinosaurs! 


Week 1 – Week beginning Monday 8th January 2018


The children will be introduced to our new Learning Experience and will begin to learn songs and rhymes about Dinosaurs. We will elicit what the children already know and what they would like to find out. An introduction will be given to different types of dinosaurs in a way that will allow the children to widen their imaginations and use descriptive language to discuss the dinosaurs and their environment. On 9th January they will take part in their Hook which will involve their own archaeological dig at Alfred’s Tower as well as a range of creative activities. We will be using “Do the Dino” Wake & Shake from Boogie Beebies to get active throughout this Learning Experience! In Maths the children will be introduced to teen numbers up to 15. They will also be beginning to use the skill of estimating.


Week 2 – Week beginning Monday 15th January 2018


The story of ‘Harry and The Dinosaurs go to School’ will be introduced to the children. They will retell and act out the story, focusing on the events from the beginning, middle and end. They will also have opportunities to learn in greater depth about a variety of dinosaurs and their different features. In Maths the children will focus on addition. The children will all engage in using instruments to create music and will have opportunities to explore long, short, quiet and loud sounds as they develop music in response to different types of dinosaurs.


Week 3 – Week beginning Monday 22nd January 2018


The children will have an opportunity to innovate their own fantasy ideas based on ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs’ this week. They will use their knowledge about these creatures along with their imagination to design their own unique specie of dinosaur, and describe it using adjectives. Following this they will verbally describe to an adult where the dinosaur might go on an adventure, and how it would travel there. They will continue to develop their skills with technology by using a laptop or iPad to paint a picture of a dinosaur and type their name and some details. The children will also explore making their own hatching dinosaur from paper plates. In Maths the children will deepen their understanding of addition using a variety of resources.


Week 4 – Week beginning Monday 29th January 2018


Our role play area will be a Museum of Dinosaurs and the children will add their home-learning task to this. We will be looking at and labelling dinosaur pictures and the children will be encouraged to use as many adjectives as possible to describe the sharp claws or long neck of the dinosaur. They will look at non-fiction books to start to find out answers to different dinosaur related questions. In Maths the children will solve problems involving money. Composing dinosaur themed music as a group will be the focus of music this week, as the children learn when to stop and start their performance with their group.


Week 5 – Week beginning Monday 5th February 2018


The children will research and begin to make a fact file about a dinosaur of their choice. They will use the skills which they have been learning this half term to draw, label, describe and write facts about their favourite dinosaur. The conclusion to music will encourage the children to learn a song about dinosaur and as a class compose actions to accompany it. In Maths this week the focus will be 3D shape. The children will have an opportunity to make dinosaur masks in Art, creating a scaly effect on their paper by printing using a variety of media, such as bubble wrap.



On Tuesday 6th February or Thursday 8th February, from 2 – 3pm we would like to invite you to come into the classrooms and share your child’s dinosaur fact file and do a dinosaur excavation!


Take Home Task - To make a dinosaur related object to go into the class musuem. Let your childs imagination fly and flourish!

Please bring these into School on Monday 29th January 2018





Picture 1 With my new friends
Watch out for Hooks taking place over the next few weeks!