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Welcome to Mercury Class


Welcome to Mercury Class and Wincanton Primary School


Your teacher is Miss Fournier, Mrs Berridge, Mrs Russell and Mrs Hunt will help in your class too. 


Your new Learning Experience is called Starry starry night



A visit from the star lab, and exploring a range of science activities.

Tuesday 13th November



The Christmas Nativity performance will help the children to be able to retell the Christmas story in sequence, and detail with reference to characters and key events.


Take home task:
This half term take home task is to make a Christmas tree decoration to decorate our class Christmas trees. Please can these be sent in for Monday 3rd December.


Week 1: Week beginning: Monday 5th November

This is the first of our Zambian weeks, during this week we shall explore our British Values. A letter will be sent out to follow.

This week the children we will be celebrating fireworks and Diwali with an emphasis on firework safety. The children will experience making their own Guy Fawkes, enjoy hot chocolate to immerse themselves in a firework experience. In literacy we shall be thinking about rhymes and continuing with blending our sounds.

Our maths focus will be on identifying and ordering numerals 6-10. We shall be pulling numbers apart and rebuilding them using part-part-whole.


Week 2: Week beginning: Monday 12th November

  1. week the children will experience their hook. The will have the opportunity to explore the star lab, recreate Van Gogh’s Starry, Starry Night and explore a range of science based space activities. During Literacy the children will explore a variety of poetry and continue a rhyming string. We shall continue with part-part-part-whole and then begin finding 1 less.


Week 3: Week beginning Monday 19th November

Hibernation will be our focus this week. We be sharing a range of stories about hibernation and children will take part in creating their own shelters.

The children will focus their reading skills to order simple sentences and then apply their phonics by writing their own. There will be a continued focus of writing letters correctly, finger space, blending and segmenting. In maths we shall be introducing the concept of subtraction.


Week 4: Week beginning: Monday 26th November

The children will be learning about Christianity and will go on a visit to the local church. Following this they will make a stained glass window from tissue paper. In literacy the children will then write a simple recount of their visit and identify objects they found in the church, focusing on blending and using finger spaces between words.


Week 5: Week beginning: Monday 3rd December

This week the children will hear the Nativity story as told by the fox. We will be acting out the nativity and the children will apply their skills of blending and segmenting in their writing skills. In numeracy we shall be introducing coins and understanding their value.

We are expecting a sprinkle of glitter too!


Week 6: Week beginning: Monday 10th December

Nativity costumes need to be in school in a clearly labelled bag on Monday this week please.

The children will focus their reading skills to order simple sentences and then

apply their phonics by writing their own. There will be a continued focus of writing letters correctly, finger space, blending and segmenting. In Maths the children will be applying what they have learnt about coins and subtraction to solve problems.

In Maths the children will be identifying properties of 2D shapes and be introduce to 3D shapes.


Week 7: Week beginning: Monday 17th December

Christmas performances will take place on Monday and Tuesday of this week at 11am in St Peter and St Paul’s Church - please give the children lots of encouragement and support, as they will have been working very hard!

We will be providing opportunities for independent writing this week for a variety of purposes. The children will be writing a Christmas list/letter to Father Christmas, Christmas cards and shopping lists. This variety of writing will allow the children to apply the skills they have learnt so far. We end the term with a Church carol service with the rest of the school. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your continued support and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


The children have completed their first half term with us at Wincanton Primary School and we are so proud of how well they have settled into the school routines. Already the progress they are making is very evident and we would like to thank you for your continued support with their reading and homework. Many children are receiving their certificates for reading five times a week or for practising their tricky words and always enjoy their proud moment in assembly.



How you can support your child at home:

  1. Practice writing numbers to 10
  2. Blend letter sounds to create words: Using new digraphs learned.
  3. To share their reading book with them, talk about the pictures and what may happen in the story. Please remember if your child reads 5 or times a week they shall receive a certificate and be praised in the celebration assembly.
  4. Ensure that your child has the correct secure grip on their pencil to be able to write.
  5. Supporting your child with their weekly home learning journal tasks.
  6. Recognising numbers to and from your journey to school, and around the house.
  7. The children will now be set simple homework task. When writing letters please check they form their letters in the correct starting place.

Thank you for all your continued support


Star Lab

Star Lab  1
Star Lab  2

Mercury Class photo

Mercury Class photo 1
Thank you for supporting the Christmas Fair. Please watch out for Christmas Performances taking place this week and next week.