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Welcome to Mercury Class


Welcome to Mercury Class and Wincanton Primary School


Your teacher is Miss Fournier, Mrs Berridge, Mrs Russell and Mrs Hunt will help in your class too. 


Your first day at School will be Tuesday 4th September. Some of you will be starting in the morning and some in the afternoon. 


From Wednesday 5th September to Friday 7th September everyone will be in until 12. 


Monday 10th - Friday 14th September everyone is in until 1.30


Monday 17th September all children stay til 3.15. 


Your first Learning Experience will be Magnificent me!


Hook: Children will be filling in their decorated shoe boxes to share with the class. We call these our Personal Passports.


Please send in a shoe box or similar by the end of the first week – 7th September.



The children will share their special objects in their shoe box with the class. We shall record their discussion and share it with you on Tapestry. Please ensure you signed up to Tapestry in order to view the video of your child.


Take home task:

To bring in a shoebox, decorate it at school and then take home again to be filled with 5 special things that tell us more about them e.g. photos of family, favourite toy, places they like. To share this with the class and explain why these things are important to them.


In this learning experience our main focus will be to help the children settle into school, make new friends and learn their daily routines. They will also be introduced to adults they will meet on daily basis during the school day as well as adults in their classroom.

They will be encouraged to develop their independence in caring for their bodies and understand their basic safety rules as well as dressing themselves for physical education lessons.

We will use our Personal Passport shoe boxes to place items in to help the children talk about our family, friends, likes and dislikes. They will decorate their shoeboxes for their Personal Passports. They will use mirrors to help them make observations of their face and draw self-portraits.

When they are sharing their Personal passports the children develop their speaking and listening skills and learn to ask each other questions.



Throughout the term children will begin early literacy skills.

  • Recognising their own name.
  • To hold a pencil using the correct grip.
  • Daily stories.
  • Daily phonic lessons using the Letters and Sounds scheme.
  • Regular writing lessons to practise our writing skills.
  • Writing names with a capital letter and lower case.
  • Bringing home reading books with no words.
  • Beginning to recognise key words and bring home word lists to learn.
  • Bringing home a story book to share.



Throughout the term children will begin early mathematical skills.

  • Joining in with number rhymes.
  • Learning how to recognise and form numerals correctly.
  • Learning about number relationships.
  • Using numbers in play.
  • Becoming aware of shapes in the environment.
  • Using positional language.


How you can support your child at home:

  1. Share family photos, talk about growing up and how they have changed over time.
  2. To share their shared books with them, talk about the pictures and what may happen in the story.
  3. To learn any words that come home on word lists.
  4. Play games as a family, which develop turn taking, co-operation, following rules and instructions.
  5. Practise the letters, sounds and numbers that your child is learning in school.
  6. To encourage correct pencil grip.


Mercury Class photo

Mercury Class photo 1
Open morning for new intake September 2019 13th October 10am - 12 noon. Come and see our School.