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Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to Earth Class!


Welcome to Year 1!


Your teacher in Earth Class is Miss Shaw and your helper Mrs Young. 



Your new learning experience is Special Delivery!



Children will visit the library, listen to the museum curator, and see what happens at the sorting office, police station and fire station during the first few days of the experience.

They will locate rooms and areas of the school on a map and follow clues to find a surprise waiting for them.



To produce a 3D map of Wincanton. To produce a report about how the school has changed over the years.


Take home task

To produce a timeline of your key events of your life so far. 


Hand in date: : Friday 22nd March 2019


Learning Experience

History and Geography:

Children will take part in visits to important places in Wincanton during the first week of the Learning Experience. They will learn about the significance and value of these places and how they serve the community. We will go on to locate them on a map of the local area and learn how to follow a simple map. The history of Wincanton and our school will be a focus point. Children will look at changes over time in the locality and in their own lives. We will be writing a report about our school.

They will learn about the seven continents of the world, name and locate them as well as the five oceans. We will go on to look at the UK, name the countries within it and locate and name the capital cities.



Our focus text is The Jolly Postman by Alan Ahlberg, we will create story maps and create new characters of our own, building on character work from last term. Children will be able to use a variety of adjectives to enhance their writing and learn to read work back with expression to engage their listeners. Towards the end of this unit will involve creating our own Jolly Postman of Wincanton and children will develop their story writing skills. We are hoping to interview people who have lived in Wincanton for many years to find out more about the changes over time and to develop our questioning skills. Finally, letter writing ability will be enhanced when children write a letter from their new character.



Our maths begins this term with the children developing their understanding of counting in 10s, 5s and 2s. Over the next two weeks, we will then be developing the children’s skills in accurately measuring the height and length of objects using standard units. We will be moving on to learn how to accurately measuring weight and volume, as well as continuing to develop our mental maths strategies.


Design and technology:

In this area of the curriculum, children will be able to make a 3d model of parts of Wincanton. They will be able to select from a wide range of materials including construction materials and build structures. We will develop our design and evaluation skills and use a range of different tools and media to complete the design. This will enhance our teamwork and collaboration skills when working alongside our friends to complete the model.


How you can support your child at home

  • To read at home at least 5 times a week
  • To learn tricky words (Superhero word mat on class web pages.)
  • To recognise numbers 1-100, (100 splat square on class web pages.)
  • To complete weekly homework to consolidate learning at home.
  • To complete the take home task: Children should have completed this with as little support as possible and be able to speak confidently about what they have done and how they achieved it.



If you have any questions about Year 1 please speak to a member of the Year 1 team who will be more than happy to help.


Miss Shaw