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Welcome to Milky Way Class!


Welcome Back!


The class teacher is Miss Clark and Mrs Andrews works with us. 


Our learning experience is called Under Threat!


Hook: The children will be visited by the Rainforest Roadshow. During this day, the children will have the opportunity to: explore life in the Rainforest, look at some live invertebrates, explore tribal artefacts and make tribal jewellery


Outcome: The children will produce an assembly to share their learning from this half term. Parents are invited to share this work with their child on Thursday 25th October at 9.15am.


Take home task:

Choose from one, or even more, of the following. Alternatively, choose something of your own – get creative!

  • Produce a 2D or 3D rainforest habitat.
  • Draw animals found in the rainforest
  • Produce a PPT about the endangered species found in the rainforest
  • Write an adventure story set in the rainforest
  • Research some interesting rainforest facts


Hand in date: Friday 12th October 2018



To inspire the children at the start of this Learning Experience, they will be visited by the Rainforest Roadshow where they will explore rainforests in depth and the animals and people that are found within them.


Through Geography, the children will investigate the question: Where in the World are rainforests? They will develop the skills needed to locate them on World maps and make connections between geographical location, climate and vegetation. The children will also explore what rainforests are like by looking at temperature, structure and inhabitants. They will develop a good understanding of the issues of deforestation, the use of Palm oil and its effects on rainforest animals like orang-utans, investigating why they are important and what they give us. Finally, they will explore the changes that are happening to rainforests and research the impact these are having.


In Science, the children will be looking at the features and function of flowering plants and will investigate how plants reproduce. They will also explore how plants adapt so they are able to survive in the rainforest. Further learning will be about photosynthesis – how plants produce their own food - which will be linked to how layers of the rainforest behave and differ to each other. Finally, the children will be comparing the life cycles and characteristics of birds and mammals


During our Art sessions, the children will be exploring the different animals that live in a rainforest habitat. They will develop their fine motor skills by sketching and drawing the animals using different forms of media to produce variation in texture and colour.



To start this Learning Experience, the children will begin to read “Running Wild” by Michael Morpurgo and other short stories by this author before exploring the characters and settings within them. The children will look at the characters, theme, opening and structure of the Running Wild story. They will use their knowledge to write their own short story with a setting of the rainforest. Once they have completed their stories, the children will be using the features of persuasive writing to express an opinion about the use of Palm Oil – something we know they will be very passionate about.



Exploring numbers up to 10 million, considering the value of digits within them and comparing and ordering them will be the initial focus for Maths at the start of the term.

Following this, the children will revise mental and written strategies for addition and subtraction working with whole and decimal numbers. They will then apply these strategies to problem solve and reason ensuring they make good use of mathematical vocabulary. Towards the end of the half term, the focus in this subject will be revising mental and written strategies for multiplication and division and using these to further develop reasoning skills.


How you can support your child at home:

  • Use maps to locate rainforests and discuss the environmental issues surrounding them
  • Explore what life is like in the rainforest and the people/animals that are found there
  • Learn tables facts up to 12 x 12 – recall should be quick and accurate
  • Ensure that your child reads at least 4 times a week and has the opportunity to discuss their reading with you. Please could you ensure this is recorded in their reading record.
  • Ensure they complete their weekly Maths homework and hand it in on time (Due Wednesdays)
  • Support your child with learning spellings from the Year 5/6 statutory list

This term our PE day will be on a Wednesday and we will swim on a Friday. Please ensure that the children have all of the correct kit in school on these days and that long hair is tied back. It would be appreciated if children can have both trainers and daps as part of their kit so they have the appropriate footwear for both indoor and outdoor PE. We do not allow the children to wear earrings for PE so please can they be removed on these days or taped over.


Numeracy homework is given out on a Friday and due in the following Wednesday. Your child should be able to complete this work independently as it will be based on work they have already done in class. Please do not hesitate to speak to us if you have any concerns. It is also beneficial if all children regularly practise their times tables facts in order to improve speed of recall. This remains a focus this year and children will be tested weekly through ‘Times Table Olympics’ to ensure that recall is quick and accurate. (No counting up on fingers allowed)


We are also encouraging all children to read to an adult at home; this needs to be recorded into the children's reading records. It is very important for the children to read regularly and understand their reading so that they can take the Accelerated Reader quizzes within school. When your child gets 85% or above in these quizzes, they are rewarded with a star which is put onto the class chart. We are aiming for 100 stars so that we can have a class treat!

We will be adding photos, news and pieces of work regularly to this page so make sure you come back soon.

Thanks for visiting.


Year 5 and 6 Spelling Lists

Watch out for new hooks taking place over the next two weeks!