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Milky Way

Welcome to year 6

Welcome to Milky Way Class!


The class teacher is Miss Clark and Mrs Andrews works with us. 


Our learning experience is called  Coast to Coast


The children will visit Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door, where they will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the local coast as they gain an understanding of coastal landforms and see them first hand.



The children will create a gallery of their coastal artwork and poetry.

In addition to this, using teamwork, they will compete in a series of circuit building challenges.


Take home task:

Choose from one, or even more, of the following. Alternatively, choose something of your own – get creative!

  • Research a particular coastline and its features
  • Create some art work based around the coast
  • Produce a PPT about the Jurassic coast
  • Create a poster about electrical circuits


Hand in date: Friday 29th March 2019


Learning Experience

To inspire the children at the start of this Learning Experience, they will visit the Jurassic coastline where they will have the opportunity to see both Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door first-hand and consider how these features have developed.


Art work this half term will give children the chance to develop their collage skills by using different media to recreate ‘The Great Wave’ by the Japanese artist Hokusai and a beach scene collage.


In Geography, the children will start the half term by improving their locational knowledge of continents, oceans, countries, the equator and more geographical points. They will then be looking at the features of coastal areas and where they can be found in the British Isles. The children will find out about coastal erosion and the affect it has on the coastline, as well as learning about deposition. The water cycle will be discussed and the children will explain how pollution affects beaches and the sea.


This half term’s science will begin with a revision of the children’s prior knowledge of simple circuits. They will then have lots of hands on experience with symbols, diagrams and incomplete circuits in order to further their understanding. From this they will then investigate the effect of the length of wire in a circuit, compare series and parallel circuits and finally, in teams, face some Circuit Challenges!


English this half term will be based on the novel ‘Rooftoppers,’ by Katherine Rundell. The story centres around Sophie, a child-survivor of a cruise ship sinking. Not knowing the fate of her mother, she is brought up by another survivor, Charles Maxim. Together they live an unconventional life, whilst on a quest to find Sophie’s mother.

From their reading, the children will look at various forms of writing; arguing whether Charles Maxim should be Sophie’s guardian and debating the freedom and danger of being a rooftopper. They will also have the opportunity to write the first chapter of their own novel and that of a sequel to ‘Rooftoppers.’ Using the text, the children will explore how writers develop characters and plot whilst incorporating grammatical and structural devices to create effect.

At the end of the half term, the children will link this work and the knowledge from their Geography lessons alongside the study of a range of poems to create their own coastal poetry. The focus will be on creating imagery and how language can be used to do so.


To start this half term, the children will revise metric units of measurement as they convert measurements of length, mass and volume. They will apply this understanding to help them solve a range of real life problems. Following on from this, the children will revise the formulae for calculating the area and perimeter of rectangles. They will also learn how to calculate the area of triangles and parallelograms before exploring how to calculate the volume of cuboids. To finish the half term, the children will explore ratio as they begin to use and calculate scale factors to help them solve a range of problems. Throughout this learning, children will continue to develop their reasoning skills, making good use of mathematical vocabulary to help them explain their thinking.


How you can support your child at home:

  • Find out about coastlines and the different factors that can cause them to change
  • Learn tables facts up to 12 x 12 and associated division facts
  • Ensure that your child reads at least 3 times a week and has the opportunity to discuss their reading with you. Please could you ensure this is recorded in their reading record.
  • Help them to learn their weekly spellings and ensure they understand their meaning.
  • Support children in completing their Maths homework, encouraging independence where possible.



This term our PE day will be on a Wednesday.  Please ensure that the children have all of the correct kit in school on this day and that long hair is tied back. It would be appreciated if children can have both trainers and daps as part of their kit so they have the appropriate footwear for both indoor and outdoor PE. We do not allow the children to wear earrings for PE so please can they be removed on these days or taped over.


Numeracy homework is given out on a Friday and due in the following Wednesday. Your child should be able to complete this work independently as it will be based on work they have already done in class. Please do not hesitate to speak to us if you have any concerns. It is also beneficial if all children regularly practise their times tables facts in order to improve speed of recall. This remains a focus this year and children will be tested weekly through ‘Times Table Olympics’ to ensure that recall is quick and accurate. (No counting up on fingers allowed)


We are also encouraging all children to read to an adult at home; this needs to be recorded into the children's reading records. It is very important for the children to read regularly and understand their reading so that they can take the Accelerated Reader quizzes within school. When your child gets 85% or above in these quizzes, they are rewarded with a star which is put onto the class chart. We are aiming for 100 stars so that we can have a class treat!

We will be adding photos, news and pieces of work regularly to this page so make sure you come back soon.

Thanks for visiting.


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