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Welcome to Pluto Class!


Welcome to Pluto Class and Wincanton Primary School. 


The teachers that work in this Class are Mrs Kilburn (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Mrs Wines (Thursday and Friday). Mrs Berridge, Miss Boulton and Mrs Hunt help as well. 



Your first Learning Experience is Land of Ice and Snow



Monday 7th January. Children have been asked to wear clothes that are their interpretation of winter. They will take part in painting ice, helping animals escape from the ice, finding out how animals keeps warm. They shall also experiment with melting.



You are invited to watch the children perform their dragon dance and share the facts they have discovered through their Learning Experience.


Take home task:

This half term take home task is to make an igloo model using media of your choice.

Please could it be brought into school during the week beginning 4th February 2019.


Week 1: Week beginning: Monday 7th January

We start this week with our hook day. The children will help animals escape from the ice and they will try painting on ice. There will be lots of discovering to do and they will be finding out…How do animals keep warm in freezing temperatures? Which material can melt? Which animals live in icy conditions?

This week the children will also share their news with their peers and staff about what they did during the Christmas holidays. They will segment to write labels and simple sentences. Later during the week they will investigate what happens and how things melt and as a class take part in an investigation.

In Maths this week we will return to 2D shapes and learn more about their properties.


Week 2: Week beginning: Monday 14th January

During Literacy the children will be introduced to the text Polar Bear, Polar Bear what can you see?

We will continue 2D shapes this week using them to solve mathematical problems and explain how we used the shapes.


Week 3: Week beginning Monday 21st January

We shall continue with the text Polar Bear, Polar Bear what can you see? They will use the repetitive language to create their own their own version of the book. For enjoyment of reading the children will be introduced to Iris and Isaac, two polar bears who don’t realise how much they need each other.

Our maths focus will be estimation this week, with the children being asked to estimate how many objects there are using concrete and pictorial objects. They will be asked to find out if they were correct.


Week 4: Week beginning: Monday 28th January

This week the children will be learning more about the polar animals and discovering facts using non-fiction texts to research. They will use and apply their sound knowledge to write simple sentences and labels and apply skills such as finger spaces, to make a class fact book. We shall use the text Blue Penguin to discuss personal and social issues.

We will return our focus to number equations this week with children calculating bonds to 10 using the part whole model and solving problems with this knowledge.


Week 5: Week beginning: Monday 4th February

We shall be celebrating the Chinese New Year this week. We shall explore eating with chopsticks, recreating Chinese art and learning about Chinese New Year rituals. We shall learn and take part in the Chinese dragon dance. Our literacy will focus on the story of The Great Race. The children will continue using their sounds and to segment simple sentences.

We will be learning how to find 1 more, 2 more and how to combine 2 amounts this week in maths with the children using concrete objects. They will progress onto pictorial and abstract forms throughout the week.


Week 6: Week beginning: Monday 11th February

Weddings will be focus this week as our very own Miss Fournier prepares to become a ‘Mrs’ in the upcoming half term! This week we are asking for you to send any family photos of weddings you may have for us to share with the children. These can be photos of weddings the children have attended, taken part in, weddings of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. This week the children will be challenged to use their learning from last week’s maths to help them solve number problems.

We would like to invite parents/carers to watch the children performing the Chinese dragon dance and share facts that they have focused on over the learning experience – date TBC.


How you can support your child at home:

  1. Practice writing numbers to 15 using the correct numeral formation.
  2. Blend letter sounds to create words: Using new digraphs learned.
  3. To share their reading book with them, talk about the pictures and what may happen in the story. Please remember if your child reads 5 times or more a week they will receive a certificate and be praised in the celebration assembly.
  4. Ensure that your child has the correct secure grip on their pencil to be able to write.
  5. Supporting your child with their weekly home learning journal tasks.
  6. Recognising numbers to and from your journey to school, and around the house.
  7. To complete set simple homework task. When writing letters please check they form their letters in the correct starting place.


Thank you for all your continued support

Photo of Pluto Class

Photo of Pluto Class  1
World Book Day Thursday 7th March 2019.