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Welcome to Pluto Class!


Welcome to Pluto Class and Wincanton Primary School. 


The teachers that work in this are Mrs Kilburn (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Mrs Wines (Thursday and Friday). Mrs Russell and Mrs Hunt help as well. 


Our Learning Experience this term will be CRUNCH MUNCH ALIENS LUNCH! 


Hook:Tuesday 20th February 2018


The children will be able to experience space through the ‘Star Lab’. They will think about how astronauts move in dance, recreate Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ in art and take part in an investigation to launch a rocket.


Week 1 – Week beginning Monday 19th February 2018

This week the children will experience various space related art, craft and science activities during our hook day. They will enter a ‘Star Lab’ and lie on their backs to look at the constellations, whilst listening to space music. This week the stimulus for learning will be using the story ‘Whatever Next’ in Literacy, immersing the children in the story, in order to retell and re-enact it successfully. In Mathematics the focus will be recognising and building numbers within 20.



Week 2 – Week beginning Monday 26th February 2018

The focus for Literacy this week will be continuing our Talk for Writing, with the story ‘Whatever Next.’ The children will sequence the story, focusing on using the terms ‘beginning, middle and end’, as well as writing about each part of the story using the skills developed so far. This story will lead to thoughts about picnics and parties as we begin to focus on the aspect of healthy and unhealthy eating. In maths our focus will be finding 1 more or 1 less practically then with support of a number line.


Week 3 – Week beginning Monday 5th March 2018

The focus for Literacy this week will be from the story ‘Aliens Love Underpants’, where once again they will be focusing on sequencing the story into ‘beginning, middle and end’ and writing about each part. In Maths this week the focus will be practical subtraction, progressing to subtraction with money.

This week we would like to invite you to our assembly

‘Celebrating Our Parents!’

This will take place on Tuesday 6th March at 9.15 in the hall.




Week 4 –Week beginning Monday 12th March 2018

The ‘food alien’ home learning task is due in this week. The children will discuss the foods that have been used to create their aliens and sort them into healthy and unhealthy food groups. In Literacy the children will have the opportunity to design and paint their own alien, writing about it using describing words. We will also continue to share a range of space stories to engage and excite the children. In maths this week the focus will be to solve problems using subtraction.


Week 5 – Week beginning Monday 19th March 2018

During this final week in Literacy the children will be writing their very own adventure story, based around the alien they design and painted. In maths our focus will be doubling.

We will end the term with lots of lovely Easter activities!


We aim to follow this plan as closely as possible however, best practise is following the children’s interests and motivations, so this could change slightly along the way!


Take home task:

To make an alien out of healthy and/or unhealthy foods. We would like these to come into school on Monday 12th March.


Picture 1 With my new friends
Watch out for Hooks taking place over the next week.