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Welcome to Pluto Class!


Welcome to Pluto Class and Wincanton Primary School. 


The teachers that work in this Class are Mrs Kilburn (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Mrs Wines (Thursday and Friday). Mrs Russell and Mrs Hunt help as well. 


Our Learning Experience this term will be DOWN ON THE FARM


Hook:Tuesday 10th April 

The children will go on a trip to Gore Farm in Trent. They will have an opportunity to learn about the farm animals and their environment, enjoy a tractor ride and look at crops.


Week 1 – Week beginning Monday 9th April: Zambian Focus Week

This week begins with our Hook days. Pluto Class are going to Gore Farm in Trent on the first day back and then Mercury Class go on Tuesday. Children will experience a real working farm first hand. This is also a whole school focus week on Zambia as well so children will take part in activities to do with our link school. The maths focus will be doubling numbers to 10.


Week 2 – Week beginning Monday 16th April

This week we will be thinking about what we have learned from our trips to the farm and write an account. We will be learning about the animals that we find on farms and using non-fiction texts and websites to find out more.

In maths, we will be halving amounts and learning to count in 2s, 5s, and 10s using objects, fingers and ‘clever counting’.


Week 3 – Week beginning Monday 23rd April

Hopefully our new stimulus for learning will arrive this week in the form of some hatching chicken eggs! Children will learn that changes happen over time and watch the eggs in their incubator over the next three weeks. They will learn about new life, match baby animals to adults and learn about life cycles. Children will make a thank you card for our hosts at the farm.

In maths, we will begin to use mathematical language to describe 2d and 3d shapes.


Week 4 – Week beginning Monday 30th April

We will read the story of Rosie’s Walk and create our own version following a map around a ‘farm’ in our outside area. Children will write labels and make pictures to illustrate it with farm facts as well. The children will be measuring weights and ordering objects according to their weight.


Week 5 – Week beginning Tuesday 8th May

We will read two simple farm related stories and act out in class. Children will write parts of the story out, learn about characters and plot in a narrative text.

This week we will revisit days of the week and begin to recognise o’clock times on digital and analogue clocks and match these to key events in their daily lives.


Week 6 – Week beginning Monday 14th May

Chicks will, hopefully, begin to hatch out this week and we will write letters to them to welcome them to our classes. The children will do observational drawings of the chicks to display and learn chick and hen facts.

In number work, we will revisit addition, subtraction, and any other areas that we feel children need to work on.


Week 7 – Week beginning Monday 21st May

This week is our Outcome on Wednesday 23rd May. This will be our Fair Trade Café, we will be making egg and cress sandwiches among other things. So please can you bring in your home task on Monday 21st so that you can eat the cress this week! The Fair Trade Café will begin after registration in the reception classes, we will use both classrooms and the outside area so you can enjoy our food and look at your children’s work. Children will spend the first part of the week making food and the second part writing about the café and their recipes. We will be solving problems using money and continue to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.


Home task: Monday 21st May

We would like the children to bring in some cress they have grown in a scooped out eggshell. They can grow it on cotton wool, soil or tissue paper and draw a face on their egg. If they want to, they can make an eggcup to stand the egg in.



Wednesday 23rd May at 9.10 am.

To make a Fair Trade Café in the Reception class rooms and share our work and our learning environment with parents.



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