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Welcome to Jupiter Class!


The adults that work in this class are Mrs Webb and Mrs Perry, Mrs Windsor and Miss Megan. 


Your Learning Experience is  Vicious Vikings



The children will spend a day building Viking longhouses. This will involve the skills of measuring, sawing and attaching.  Accuracy is going to be a vital part of the day as the children will find out for themselves! 



During the final week of term, the children will have the opportunity to share their work with parents in an ‘Open Classroom’ which you are invited to join us for.

Diary date: Thursday 4th April at 3pm


Take home task:

Using knowledge gained in History and extended at home, children are to write and decorate a poem about the Vikings to share with their peers.  It can be any form of poetry, from acrostic to rhyming (or not), to shape or limerick.

The due date is Monday 1st April 2019


Initially this half term, English will focus on non-fiction texts as they build their understanding of the Vikings.  The children will examine the structure and style of information texts and begin to plan and write their own non-fiction writing around the Vikings.  They will publish this for their portfolios which will enable them to rehearse their presentation skills.


For the last few weeks, the children will study the Viking saga Beowulf and learn about Grendel, the troll, who lived in the marshy swamps of Denmark.  They will further develop their understanding of inference as well as learn how an author builds tension in writing.  Alongside this, they will continue to work on editing and evaluating their own writing.


Of the Foundation subjects, history will open up the world of the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England.  They will learn about Edward the Confessor who was among the last of the Anglo-Saxon kings of England.  The Viking raids and invasions will form a focus, as will their weaponry and the runic alphabet which the children will also create themselves.  Geographically, they will identify the seas across which the Vikings sailed so they gain an understanding of the voyages and the longships they travelled in. 


In art and design the children will be taught the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to construct an authentic model of a longhouse.   They will work with a range of materials including wood, cardboard, straw and paints which will enable them to learn about different techniques and effects.


How you can support your child at home:

  • Reading every day – a vital part of our partnership!
  • Talk about what they are learning at school
  • Check Read, Write Inc log books and practice spellings as applicable
  • Learn times tables up to 12 x 12, particularly x3, x4, and x8
  • Encourage the use of technology to discover more about the Vikings



Our PE days this year will be Tuesdays and Fridays. 


Maths homework will be given on a Friday to be returned the following Wednesday. Times tables should be practiced at home up to 12 x 12 - particularly x2, x5, x10, x3, x4, x8

Reading is expected to be done daily and spelling practice is appreciated from the tricky words in the Read Write Inc log books, if applicable.


If you have any queries please ask a member of year 3 team. 


Mrs Webb