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Welcome to Jupiter Class!


Welcome Back, We hope you had a good summer. The adults that work in this class are Mrs Hinton and Mrs Whittaker 

Our learning experience this term is called Rock out with the Romans!


Hook: In the second week, the children will become Roman Solidiers as they not only make themselves an outfit, but also learn how to march as a Roman Army!


Take Home Task: Make a piece of Roman Jewellery or a Roman coin. Research what these would have been like and write a description to be displayed alongside it. Due Friday 8th December 2017


Week 1

This first short week will help the children start to understand the riches Britain had that became the reason for the invasion, as well as develop an understanding of important times and locations within the Roman Empire. The English focus during the first few weeks will give the children the opportunity to learn how best to use organisational features of writing as they begin to write about the Romans and the Celts.


Week 2

During this week, the hook will involve the transformation of the children into Roman soldiers as they make outfits and practice their marching skills! In particular, they will be designing a mosaic similar to those used to decorate Roman buildings. Science will teach the children about the forces of push and pull which will link with the human powered crane invented and brought to Britain by the Romans.


Week 3

English will look at the historical story of Boudicca and her battle against the Romans. The children will use drama techniques to help gain a better understanding of how it must have felt for the Celts. The mosaic work will continue whilst science will explore how an object’s weight and surface material can affect the amount of friction present.


Week 4

English in week four will provide the perfect opportunity to find out how to write a character and setting description, which will feed into the Boudicca stories. Design and technology will dominate the afternoons as the children design chariots, which they will then construct in readiness for a chariot challenge in Week 5 – a real chance to put their forces and friction knowledge to good use!


Week 5

This week, the children will be planning their own recount of Boudicca with a focus on how to add detail, building on the learning of last week. After the chariot racing, an evaluation of their designs will investigate what worked well and, if repeating the exercise, what needs to be improved and how to do that.


Week 6

The Boudicca stories will take shape this week as the children put all their preparatory work into practice. Science will look at how force is measured and will be fitted around the start of the Christmas events as December arrives.


Week 7 & 8

During these last weeks, the children will learn how to use success criteria to improve their own writing – a skill they will hone across KS2. They will then publish some of their story for their end of year portfolios. Rehearsals will begin for a presentation to family members about the Romans, so watch this space for a date and time!



Our PE days this year will be Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Maths homework will be given on a Friday to be returned the following Wednesday. Times tables should be practiced at home up to 12 x 12 - particularly x2, x5, x10, x3, x4, x8

Reading is expected to be done daily and spelling practice is appreciated from the tricky words in the Read Write Inc log books, if applicable.


If you have any queries please ask a member of year 3 team. 


Mrs Hinton 



Curriculum Newsletters

Watch out for Hooks taking place over the next few weeks!