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At Wincanton Primary School, we recognise that technology is an integral part of everyday life. The intent of our computing curriculum is to prepare our children for a future that is being increasingly transformed by technology. We encourage children to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence that they need to be able to become digitally literate. We do this through a combination of both cross-curricular and specific skills-based lessons.


The core skills of computing are taught through discrete lessons across the year groups. However, other elements of the computing curriculum are integrated into the curriculum as part of learning experiences. These include online-safety, digital publication and presentation, research, data handling and the use of digital media.


We recognise that children need to learn how to stay safe online and we develop this awareness regularly through class computing lessons and also by participating in Safer Internet Days.



It is our aim at Wincanton Primary School to develop:

  • An enjoyment of using Computing.
  • Competence and confidence in choosing and using appropriate applications.
  • An ability to apply Computing skills to real life problems and tasks.
  • Initiative and an ability to work both independently and in co-operation with others
  • An ability to communicate safely using on-line applications and technologies.
  • An understanding of the capabilities and limitations of Computing and the consequences of its use.