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Photos of Sun and Moon enjoying the Drama Workshop

Photos of Sun and Moon enjoying the Drama Workshop   1
Photos of Sun and Moon enjoying the Drama Workshop   2
Photos of Sun and Moon enjoying the Drama Workshop   3
Photos of Sun and Moon enjoying the Drama Workshop   4
Photos of Sun and Moon enjoying the Drama Workshop   5
Photos of Sun and Moon enjoying the Drama Workshop   6

Welcome to Sun Class!




The adults that work in this class are Mrs Hinton and Mrs Whittaker. 


The Learning Experience this term is  Wild, Wild West!


Our hook will be split into two separate days. The first day will focus on acting by attending a drama workshop and the second will be a DT focus day in which the children will spend a day building their own prairie schooner.


Take home task:

Children will make and decorate a totem pole in the style of the Native American culture.  They can use materials of their own choice.

The due date is 17th May due to our performance in the final week.



On the evenings of the 21st and 22nd May, you are invited to watch our performance of ‘Ye-Ha!’ Cowboy hats and lasso’s at the ready!



English: During our English lessons in term 5, we will be using The Matchbox Diary by Paul Fleischman, the children will discover a set of matchboxes containing some of the mementoes from the story. After writing predictions about what the objects might relate to, the children listen to the story in stages. They make inferences about why the great-grandfather and his family went to America, explore vocabulary and write in role. After exploring prepositions, they create a ship’s log that is in the form of a recount. They then investigate migration and read for research to gather ideas about Ellis Island. Following this, the children plan and then write a non-chronological report about the great-grandfather’s and others who made a similar journey all those years ago.


Maths: Following on from Term 4, the children will continue to strengthen their understanding of decimals as they begin to round and compare them. In the final few weeks, the focus switches to money embedding their understanding of decimals by estimating and comparing different amounts in both pounds and pence.


Science: Sound is the focus of our science lessons this term where the children will discover how sound is made by recognising that vibrations travel through a medium through the ear. They will also recognise that sound can get fainter as the distance increases and find patterns of pitch and volume can be altered by the strength of the vibrations that cause it.


DT: To begin with, the children find out about the prairie schooners and how life would have been for the occupants before they design their own wagons. They will then have a day where they will calculate the measurements, cut and join wood to create their own working jinx frame where they will install a canopy from fabric to complete their schooner. Finally, they will evaluate their complete DT project.


How you can support your child at home:

  • Read 5 times a week at least with your child.
  • Learn weekly spellings
  • Learn times tables facts up to 12x12. Times Tables Rockstar is a great resource to use
  • Learning and practicing of their lines and the songs in preparation for their performance. 


SCHOOL SUMMER HOLIDAY CLUB - There are still places available for the Summer Club, please find details and booking form under the Parents Tab, School Clubs. Thank you.