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Our curriculum is designed around 4 values that we feel are important to a child’s development.

These are:







By developing these values we believe our curriculum will make us “TICC!”


The curriculum is organised into Learning Experiences that adopt a cross curricular approach, ensuring skills and knowledge is transferred and developed from one to another. Each Learning Experience begins with a Hook that is designed to motivate and engage the children into the learning. This can be anything from a trip to visit a place of interest or a visitor in to share their experience be it a paramedic, advertising consultant or even a Roman Solider! Following the Hook the children will focus on up to three curriculum areas at anyone time to allow the skills and knowledge to be developed to a high standard, ensuring progression across the year with high expectations set.


Through each of the values our children will be able to work in a team, communicating with others to ensure a clear understanding is obtained of their role within the team. To have the independence to fulfil that role within the team, whilst developing their thinking skills, to allow them to follow their own interests. Looking at situations and information in a creative way or from a different angle so to develop their creative ideas, whilst always striving for the very best they can, both personally and academically to meet the challenge and ensure high standards are achieved.


Please feel free to look at our curriculum policy and see how this hands-on, investigative curriculum can really support and develop your child as a learner and a citizen of the future.

Curriculum Newsletters can be found under the Children tab on Class Pages.

Holiday Club October Half Term - 8.30 am until 5.30 pm, spaces still available.