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The Year 2 Presentation for parents

Hi Mars Class


The summer holidays are here!  Have a super time!  

Rest and enjoy yourselves and we will all see each other in September - at last!


Take care and stay safe


Mrs D, Mrs C, Mrs H and Mrs N x

Year 2 Spellings for the week beginning 13th July:

More words using a mix of suffixes again this week. 


Remember, a suffix is a group of letters that join to the end of a word to make another word, but watch out for words ending with 'y':


When a word ends in ‘y’ and you want to add a suffix, you usually have to change the ‘y’ to an ‘i’

so happy + ly becomes happi + ly = happily. 


friendly, spotless, powerful, neatly, forgetful, movement.

Reading for the week beginning July 13th (Choose from Ladybirds 1 or 2)

Children can do additional spelling and grammar work on the Planet Teach website.

Their passwords are inside their Reading Records.


Go to 

Now you can also access the website using  -  we have gone live!


The children know their way around the site from using it in school.

English - Writing

For the English work for the week beginning 13th July (including all resources), please use the 'Space' link on the front class page for all classes.  

Try some of these ideas in your writing - examples are given to help you see what to do.

Year 2 Maths - week beginning 13th July

Monday 13th July

Still image for this video

Tuesday 14th July

Still image for this video

Wednesday 15th July

Still image for this video

Thursday 16th July

Still image for this video

Friday 17th July

Children can also practice their times tables using the Times Tables Rockstars app or website. Their passwords are inside their reading records. 
Mrs Carswell says 'Remember we watched 'Wing' and some of you asked to watch again? Well, you can go to the website - 'The Literacy Shed'. There you will find 'Wing' and also many other short film clips which you can watch and talk about with your family. Let me know which ones you think are the most interesting.

PSHE - Some ideas for emotional well-being

Wincanton Book Challenge 2020

Blue Peter Badge challenge

Joe Wicks Exercises


Please click on the link below to take you to the Parent Curriculum Support page where you will find the Reading Guide for Parents and Volunteer Readers.  This guide will provide you with helpful information and tips when reading with your child / children.


Curriculum Newsletters

Welcome to Mars Class!




The adults that work in this class are Mrs Deane (Monday -Thursday), Mrs Carswell (Friday) and our HLTA is Mrs Hamblin.



Our PE days this term will be a Thursday and Friday.

Please ensure you have full PE kits in school, both for outdoor and indoor PE.  Long hair needs to be tied back and earring studs must be covered with tape, or removed on PE days.  The latter is preferable to avoid hair tangles in the classroom.


On a Friday, children will be given spellings to learn in an orange Spellings Book which they are expected to practice at home in the front of the book, writing each word in a sentence to show they understand the context in which to use it.  These will be tested each Thursday in the back of the book so that the results can be shared at home.


There is a document on this page that will provide support with a range of strategies that could be used at home to help with spellings.


Maths homework is given out on a Friday and must be returned to school the following Wednesday.  Please ask us if you have any questions or concerns regarding this – we are happy to help.


Mrs Deane , Mrs Akers and Mrs Hamblin




Our learning experience this half term is called  








Take home task:  


How you can support your child at home:

  • Reading every day – a vital part of our partnership!  Please make sure you sign their Reading Record!
  • Talk about what they are learning at school
  • Helping them to learn their x2, x5, x10 multiplication facts
  • Completing weekly Maths homework
  • Working together to complete half-termly Take Home tasks
  • Support your child with spellings each week.
Photos of Mars and Neptune Class reading their stories of Beegu the Alien to the Reception children, which finishes off their learning experience the Aliens have landed.

Methods to support spellings at home

Previous learning experiences / Class photos.

Mars and Neptune classes have been learning about the Jewish Faith in RE and have been learning about the importance of the TORA.

Mars Class Learning Experience - Sunflowers Art Work

On Friday the 21st June 2024 there will be a Mufti (non uniform) Day to support the PTA Summer Fete. The PTA are requesting the following items Reception: Cakes, Years 1 and 2: Bottles of any sort for a tombola and Year 3,4, 5 and and 6: Chocolate & Sweets. Thank you for your support.