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Welcome to year 1

Welcome to Venus Class!


Welcome to Year 1!


Your teacher in Venus Class is Mrs Carswell, Mrs Berridge and your helper is Miss Apsey.


Your new learning experience is The Tree-mendous Outdoors



The children will be taking part on a trip to Stourhead Friday 26th April to carry out a number of activities. They will have the opportunity to do some watercolour painting, bark rubbing, treasure trail and walk around the lake.



Making a healthy picnic and sharing it with parents in our outdoor area.  Parents will have the opportunity to share children’s work.

Wednesday 22nd May at 2.30 do come along!


Take home task

To make an information card with a photo of your child caring for a plant. These will be made into a book to be presented to Carrington Way. If you would like your child’s work included please only put their first name on it.


Bring to school by: Friday 17th May


Learning Experience


 In English this term we will be looking at narrative writing with the traditional tale of Jack and the Beanstalk and the not so traditional tale of Jack and the Baked Beanstalk. We will compare the stories and develop our predicting skills. Look closely at the characters and settings and begin to use adjectives in our story writing. Children will sequence and retell the stories. Information texts will be used to research facts about the natural world. We will continue to do daily guided reading and phonics, enhancing our literacy skills. Children will also improve handwriting, forming all letters correctly, with spaces and on lines.



In maths we will work in introducing fractions looking specifically at halves and quarters of objects, shapes and amounts. Children will also be introduced to direction and position. We will continue to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and work on embedding place value within 100. Children will work on ensuring their number formation is correctly orientated and well presented in their squared books.


Science and Design Technology

In Science we will be studying a wide range of plants and also evergreen and deciduous trees. We will identify and describe the basic structure of a variety of common flowering plants.

 Linking this with D&T we will learn about eating a healthy, balanced diet and begin to understand where our food comes from.

Children will be planting and caring for plants and seeds incorporating our project which is enhancing the grounds at Carrington Way in a joint scheme with other local groups and schools.

Our outcome will be preparing and eating a healthy picnic and inviting our parents to come along.


In art children will look at the work of Andy Goldsworthy and create their own sculptures from natural objects building on previous skills learnt last term. These will be photographed for display.  We will also produce art work related to trees using a variety of mediums which we will share during our outcome picnic.


For our music curriculum children will listen to the Four Seasons by Vivaldi and learn songs accompanied by simple percussion instruments. Children will learn to name the instruments and create a simple musical phrase.


How you can support your child at home


  • To read at home, at least 5 times a week, share stories and non-fiction books.
  • To learn tricky words.
  • To have mini ten, five and two times tables quizzes with a three minute time limit.
  • To complete the take home task: this task should be the child’s own work and they must be able to speak confidently about what they have done.


If you have any questions about Year 1 please speak to a member of the Year 1 team who will be more than happy to help.



Mrs Berridge





SCHOOL SUMMER HOLIDAY CLUB - There are still places available for the Summer Club, please find details and booking form under the Parents Tab, School Clubs. Thank you.