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New class presentation for Venus Class September 2020

Hello Venus Class! 


Hope you are all having a lovely summer holidays.

We can't wait to see you all soon! 



Sign up to take part in the Summer reading challenge on-line

The Summer Reading Challenge website is free to access and a place for children to rate and review the books they are reading as they progress towards their reading goal.

The website features video content, games, quizzes and digital and downloadable activities to encourage children to take part in the Challenge at home.

Class Gallery

Welcome to our class gallery page where we can celebrate and share all the wonderful learning you are doing. If you have something you'd like to post, please pop it in an email and we will share it on the page. We look forward to seeing more of your brilliant work soon! 

Planets and the Solar System
A great Solar System
Lily's Solar System
Rosie's Solar Syatem
Rosie's shadow puppets
Tamara's spacesuit design for 2222
Tamara's shadow puppet
Tallulah's Solar Syatem
A Solar System by Lucas
Florence's Solar System
Mnemonic by Lucas
Shadow puppets by Lucas
Mnemonic by Theo
Solar System by Theo
A great flower experiment by Lucas
Lucas hard at work
Growing their own food in the garden
Lovely labelled flower by Rosie
Tallulah's poem
Tamara's life cycle work
Alice's poem
Tallulah's plant poster
Job application from Lucas
All about Sherborne Castle by Lucas
All about castles by Rosie
All about Edinburgh Castle by Tallulah
Job application from Tallulah
Job application by Tamara
Tamara's castle drawing
Tamara's work on castles
All about Windsor Castle by Tamara
Story setting work by Rosie
Lily made a castle on the computer.
Lily's drawing of a castle.
Rosie's delicious banquet
Theo made a castle out of bricks.
Theo's drawing of a castle.
Venus Class Superheros!
The Flash
Rosie's work on Superheros
Ice Queen
Superhero Tamara
Frankie's work on Superheros
Superhero dancer
Superhero love
Ice Girl
Lily's superhero work
Superhero work by Lucas
Every Superhero needs an amazing car!
Rosie's comic strip
Rosie making her comic strip on the computer
Superhero Alice!
Mikolaj's Comic Strip
Laura's Comic
Bailey's Comic
Andre's Comic
Rosie's Comic
Avah's Comic
Bethany's Comic
Curtis' Comic
Tallulah's comic
Tallulah's story
Lucas' comic strip
Super Lucas and his bike
Rainbow Girl story by Alice
The runaway iceberg by Lucas
Theo's comic strip
A superhero by Theo
Rainbow Girl
Here are your superb Animations! 
Grace creating her animation
Rosie's character
Rosie's story board
Frankie's dinosaur
Tamara's dinosaur
Tallulah's animation 'Save the unicorns!'

Lily's Animation

Still image for this video

Dinoball by Lucas

Still image for this video
Here is your fantastic work on Mary Anning. 
A poster by Alice
Fossil biscuits by Bethany
A report by Corina
Fossil biscuits by Grace
A labelled dinosaur by Mikolaj
A report by Olivia
Olivia's report
A poster by Rosie
Dinosaur fossils by Tamara
A dinosaur model by Mikolaj
Corina's painting
Grace's Dinosaur
A dinosaur fossil by Tallulah
A report on Mary Anning by Tallulah
Lucas' Dinosaur fossil
Bailey's Fossil

Here is your wonderful work on Grace Darling.

Blue Peter Badges Achievements!


Corina has fantastically achieved her Blue Peter badge. Well done Corina! If you too would like to be awarded with yours, then scroll down our class page to see how! 

On-line safety activities

PSHE- some ideas for emotional well-being

Mrs Carswell's Alphabet Challenge

30 day Lego challenge

Blue Peter Badge Challenge

Joe Wicks Exercises

Wincanton book challenge 2020
Here is a chance for you to share your favorite book with us, by completing a challenge which is similar to our usual take home tasks. Read the attached sheet and then send us a photo of your finished project. Use the Easter break to take your time and create an amazing project. Good luck
Venus Class spelling challenge - part 1
Venus Class phonics activities


This is a website we use at school to promote phonics learning in a fun and exciting way. Using this website the children can play games which embed the phonics level they are current on in their reading books.

During this time of home learning the website are allowing free access to the site using the following 

Username: march20

Password: home

Children can do additional spelling and grammar work on the Planet Teach website.

Their passwords are inside their Reading Records.


Go to - type this into the browser without (www) as it is not yet nationally available.


The children have been shown this website in class but haven't had time to explore it is their chance to do this! As teachers we can see their progress via our teacher tab - good luck!


Please click on the link below to take you to the Parents Curriculum Support page where you will find the Reading Guide for Parents and Volunteer Readers.  This guide will provide you with helpful information and tips when reading with your child / children.

Curriculum Newsletters

Welcome to Venus Class!


Welcome to Year 1!


Your teachers in Venus Class are Mrs Berridge and Mrs Goodinge and your teaching assistant is Miss Apsey.


Your new learning experience is     


Please see our curriculum newsletter at the top of page for more information






Take home task


Hand in date: 


Learning Experience






How you can support your child at home


  • To read at home at least 5 times a week
  • To learn tricky words (Superhero word mat on class web pages.)
  • To recognise numbers 1-100, (100 splat square on class web pages.)
  • To complete weekly Maths homework to consolidate learning at home.
  • To complete the take home task: Children should have completed this with as little support as possible and be able to speak confidently about what they have done and how they achieved it.


If you have any questions about Year 1 please speak to a member of the Year 1 team who will be more than happy to help.




Please see the Key Information Tab / Vacancies if you would like to apply for one of our available posts