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Pupil Premium

What is the Pupil Premium?


The Pupil Premium provides additional funding on top of the main funding a school receives. It is targeted at students from disadvantaged backgrounds to ensure they benefit from the same opportunities and experiences as pupils from less deprived families.


Wincanton Primary School is committed to closing the gap of deprivation between disadvantaged children and other children.


  • For the financial year 2017-2018, the school received £110,740.00 in Pupil premium Grant with 93 pupils eligible.
  • For the academic year 2018-2019, the school received £105,598.33 in Pupil premium Grant with 109 pupils eligible.
  • For the current academic year 2019-2020, the school has so far received £58,216.66 with 97 pupils eligible.


Expenditure of Pupil Premium Grant funding is established within the school and is used on a personalised basis to meet the needs of the individuals; children are offered support and experiences to develop their learning at their own level.


Through high expectations and quality first provision, staff demonstrate their awareness of children in their classes who are eligible for Pupil Premium and are held to account for the progress of the individuals, as is the case for all children. Children who are at risk of under performing are clearly identified and discussed at length during half termly pupil progress meetings and more regular informal discussions. 



How could Pupil Premium funding benefit you?

  • Free School meals
  • Support with purchasing school uniform
  • Subsidised school trips
  • Subsidised swimming lessons
  • Access intervention to support academic and emotional well being
  • Children taught by skilled staff who have high expectations of all 


Forms are straightforward to fill in and available from the school office.


Please find information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium Strategy and how we allocate the funding and its impact.

Key Documents

Friday 1st March will be mufti (non-uniform) day. In exchange for mufti we would like to request Easter related gifts and chocolate for the Easter Bingo and raffle. Thank you in advance for all your donations.