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School Council

At the start of the year all children in years 1-6 are given the opportunity to stand for School Council.  Two representatives (a Councillor and a Deputy) from each class are then chosen. They will meet 2-3 times a term and plan activities for the whole school to be involved and act as a voice feeding information back to their classes.



School Councillors for Autumn 2020



Year 1: Earth Class



Year 1: Venus Class



Year 2: Mars Class



Year 2: Neptune Class



Year 3: Saturn Class



Year 3: Jupiter Class



Year 4: Moon Class



Year 4: Sun Class



Year 5: Apollo Class



Year 5: Asteroid Class



Year 6: Galaxy Class



Year 6: Milky Way



Wincanton Primary School Council were invited to help plant trees at King Arthurs School as part of National Tree Planting week (January 2020).

Please see the Key Information Tab / Vacancies if you would like to apply for one of our available posts