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School Council

School Council

At the start of the year all children in years 1-6 are given the opportunity to stand for School Council.  Two representatives (a Councillor and a Deputy) from each class are then chosen. They will meet 2-3 times a term and plan activities for the whole school to be involved and act as a voice feeding information back to their classes. Mrs Allan leads the school council in our school.



School Councillors from Autumn 2023



Year 1: Earth Class


Year 1: Venus Class

HanaLogan O

Year 2: Mars Class

ErinAlbie M

Year 2: Neptune Class

Toby SMaisie

Year 3: Saturn Class


Year 3: Jupiter Class


Year 4: Moon Class


Year 4: Sun Class

Lila HLogan H

Year 5: Apollo Class


Year 5: Asteroid Class


Year 6: Galaxy Class

RubyCharlie L-K

Year 6: Milky Way

On Friday the 21st June 2024 there will be a Mufti (non uniform) Day to support the PTA Summer Fete. The PTA are requesting the following items Reception: Cakes, Years 1 and 2: Bottles of any sort for a tombola and Year 3,4, 5 and and 6: Chocolate & Sweets. Thank you for your support.