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Welcome to Apollo Class!


Welcome Year 5,  


The adults that work in this class are Miss Bowles and Mrs Andrews.


Your new learning experience is 

Carnival Time


Please see our curriculum newsletter at the top of page for more information


The adults that work in Apollo Class are Miss Bowles and Mrs Andrews.


PE will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday this half term. 


During the Learning Experience Carnival Time, year 5 will learning about Brazil and focusing on the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. They will have the opportunity in teams to design, create and evaluate their very own Brazilian themed carnival float over a two day period. Through the Learning Experience, the children will be writing diary entries in the role of a Brazilian child and will be exploring the differences in culture compared to Britain.


Maths homework will be given out on Fridays and due in the following Thursday. The spellings will also be given on the Friday and be tested on the following Friday. Your child should be able to complete this work independently as it will be based on work they have already done in class. Please do not hesitate to speak to us if you have any concerns.


Times table recall remains a focus this year and children will be tested weekly through ‘Times Table Olympics’ to ensure that their recall is quick and accurate. Times Table Rockstars is a great resource to support this and it can be accessed on laptops and tablets at home, as well as at school.


We are also encouraging all children to read at home; this needs to be recorded in the children's reading records. It is very important for the children to read regularly and understand their reading so that they can take the Accelerated Reader quizzes within school. When your child gets 85% or above in these quizzes, they are rewarded with a star which is put onto a class chart. We are aiming for 100 stars so that we can have a class treat!


The outcome for this Learning Experience:

Over the course of two days the children will be making a Brazilian themed carnival float. This activity will involve them working on teamwork skills, creativity and research skills. After the Hook Day, the children will be collecting ideas for inspiration for their float.

Take home task for Carnival Time:

  • Design or make a Brazilian carnival mask.
  • Write a poem about watching or being in a carnival.
  • Create a collage or draw a picture of a carnival float with a theme of your choice.
  • Compose a song or piece of music that depicts what a carnival is like.
  • Hand in by: Friday 16th July 2021


Photos, news and pieces of work will also be added regularly to this page so make sure to watch this space.

Thanks for visiting


Miss Bowles

If it is your first day of absence please complete the work below: 


English - Research facts about an animal of your choice. Think about their habitat, characteristics,life span, where you would find them in the world, whether they are endangered etc.

Maths -Statistics booklet

Guided Reading -Read the text and answer the questions about drums. 

If it is your second day of absence please complete the work below: 


English - Write a non-chronological report about the animal you researched yesterday. You can use the template if needed.

Maths -  Multiplication and division booklet

Guided Reading - Science headlines   

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Ice cream making

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Time Traveller learning experience

Animal Magic Hook Day art work

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Bridge that Gap outcome

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Out and About Learning Experience

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