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Welcome to Moon Class!


Welcome Year 4,  


The adults that work in this class are Mrs Marshall, Mrs Maskell, Mr Oke and Miss Norris.


Your new learning experience is   Is Bigger Better



Moon Class Folk Tales

Moon Class - Yr 4 - Somerset Folk Tales with the Secret Story Teller - May 2021

YEAR 4 - MOON CLASS (Bake Off Outcome Photos) 

Before we baked our own bread rolls, Year 4 investigated chemical reactions with yeast to see how it affects dough. We made predictions with excellent scientific language and monitored the changes throughout the day.

Year 4 have thoroughly enjoyed their Bake Off learning experience. On Tuesday, all their taste-testing and detailed planning resulted in baking their own bread rolls to enjoy. Everyone had great fun kneading the dough and incorporating interesting flavours, which were then enjoyed at home.

Common Exception Spelling words



If your child is self-isolating and working from home, please see below, two days, worth of work that can be completed.



1. Review the Common Exception spelling words. Choose from the Autumn and Spring Term lists, words that you don't know yet and learn the spellings.

Put each word into a sentence, using accurate punctuation and a conjunction.


2. Read the text about Adventures. Complete the task finding evidence of the different themes.


3. Choose one story starter, as the basis for your own story, about Nasira or Leon.

Finish the story. Don't forget to use:

  • clear sentence structure with accurate punctuation
  • conjunctions
  • different openers
  • paragraphs

Finally, check and edit your work carefully.



Story starters

Reading - Comprehension, Vocabulary and Understanding


In this section you will find booklets to support units of learning. 

If your child is absent due to self-isolating, please support them in working through the necessary booklet. 

Please learn your multiplication facts. (x3, x4, x6, x7, x8, x9, x11 and x12)


Please see the Parents Tab / Coronavirus Covid19 page for all updates / important information.